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From Bhakti comes Knowledge, Detachment & Self-Realization

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.32.23

Vasudeve Bhagavati
Bhakti-yoga prayojitah
janayaty asu vairagyam
jnanan yad brahma darshanam

Engagement in Krishna consciousness and application of devotional service unto Krishna make it possible to advance in knowledge and detachment, as well as in self-realization.

It is said by less intelligent men that bhakti-yoga, or devotional service, is meant for persons who are not advanced in transcendental knowledge and renunciation. But the fact is that if one engages in the devotional service of the Lord in full Krsna consciousness, he does not have to attempt separately to practice detachment or to wait for an awakening of transcendental knowledge. It is said that one who engages unflinchingly in the devotional service of the Lord actually has all the good qualities of the demigods develop in him automatically. One cannot discover how such good qualities develop in the body of a devotee, but actually it happens. There is one instance where a hunter was taking pleasure in killing animals, but after becoming a devotee he was not prepared to kill even an ant. Such is the quality of a devotee.
Those who are very eager to advance in transcendental knowledge can engage themselves in pure devotional service, without wasting time in mental speculation. For arriving at the positive conclusions of knowledge in the Absolute Truth, the word brahma-darsanam is significant in this verse. Brahma-darsanam means to realize or to understand the Transcendence. One who engages in the service of Vasudeva can actually realize what Brahman is. If Brahman is impersonal, then there is no question of darsanam, which means "seeing face to face." Darsanam refers to seeing the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vasudeva.

Unless the seer and the seen are persons, there is no darsanam. Brahma darsanam means that as soon as one sees the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he can at once realize what impersonal Brahman is. A devotee does not need to make separate investigations to understand the nature of Brahman. Bhagavad-gita also confirms this. Brahma bhuyaya kalpate: a devotee at once becomes a self-realized soul in the Absolute Truth.

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Kirtan is Life - 3

Uploaded above is a famous and melodious tune sung by HG Bada HariDas Prabhu.

Above is an amazing kirtan led by the glorious Sripad Aindra Das in Sri Vrindavan Dhaam - March 2010

And you cannot this one - A super ecstatic kirtan by HH Lokanath Swami also in Sri Vindavan Dhaam - the divine abode of the Lord!

Enjoy the Kirtans and spiritual ecstacy by hearing the Holy Name vibrated from the Pure Devotees of the Lord!

Gaura Premanande Hari Hari Bol! :)

Special Favor of Krishna to His Devotees

Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.8.4-5

srnvatah sraddhaya nityam grnatas ca sva-cestitam kalena natidirghena
bhagavan visate hrdi
TRANSLATION: Persons who hear Srimad-Bhagavatam regularly and are always taking the matter very seriously will have the Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna manifested in their hearts within a short time.

pravistah karna-randhrenasvanam bhava-saroruhamdhunoti samalam Krsnahsalilasya yatha sarat
TRANSLATION: The sound incarnation of Lord Krsna, the Supreme Soul [i.e. Srimad-Bhagavatam], enters into the heart of a self-realized devotee, sits on the lotus flower of his loving relationship, and thus cleanses the dust of material association, such as lust, anger and hankering. Thus it acts like autumnal rains upon pools of muddy water.

The comparison to the autumnal rain that falls on muddy reservoirs of water is very appropriate. During the rainy season, all the waters of the rivers become muddy, but in the month of July-August, the autumn season, when there is a slight rainfall, the muddy waters of the rivers all over the world become at once clear. By addition of some chemical, a small reservoir of water like that of a metropolitan waterworks tank can be cleared, but by such a tiny effort it is not possible to clear up all the reservoirs of water like the rivers. A powerful pure devotee of the Lord, however, can deliver not only his personal self but also many others in his association.

By sincere efforts to hear Srimad-Bhagavatam one realizes his constitutional relationship with the Lord in the transcendental humor of servitude, friendship, paternal affection or conjugal love, and by such self-realization one becomes situated at once in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.

Not only were all the pure devotees like Narada self-realized souls, but they were engaged in preaching work automatically by spiritual impetus, and thus they delivered many poor souls entangled in the material modes. They became so powerful because they sincerely followed the Bhagavatam principles by regular hearing and worshiping. By such actions the accumulated material lusts, etc., become cleansed by the personal endeavor of the Lord within the heart. The Lord is always within the heart of the living being, but He becomes manifested by one's devotional service.

Merciful Krishna (How He changes Sakama Bhakta into Akama Bhakta)

In the purport to Srimad Bhagavatam 5.19.27, Srila Prabhupada writes "One who engages in the service of the Lord with some motive is called a sakama-bhakta, and one who serves the Lord without any motives is called an akama-bhakta. Krishna is so merciful that He turns a sakama-bhakta into an akama-bhakta. A pure devotee, an akama-bhakta, who has no material motives, is satisfied simply to serve the lotus feet of the Lord. This is confirmed in BHAGAVAD-GITA (6.22). Yam labdhva caparam labham manyate nadhikam tatah: if one engages in the service of the lotus feet of the Lord, he does not want anything more. This is the highest stage of devotional service. The Lord is so kind even to a sakama-bhakta, a motivated devotee, that He satisfies his desires in such a way that one day he becomes an akama-bhakta, a devotee without any desires except serving Krishna."
Madhya 22.33
"One is immediately freed from the clutches of Maya if he seriously and sincerely says, `My dear Lord Krishna, although I have forgotten You for so many long years in the material world, today I am surrendering unto You. I am Your sincere and serious servant. Please engage me in Your service.'

b) Madhya 22.34
"`It is My vow that if one only once seriously surrenders unto Me, saying "My dear Lord, from this day I am Yours," and prays to Me for courage, I shall immediately award courage to that person, and he will always remain safe from that time on.'

This verse from the Ramayana (Yuddha-kanda 18.33) was spoken by Lord Ramacandra.

c) Madhya 22.35
"Due to bad association, the living entity desires material happiness, liberation or merging into the impersonal aspect of the Lord, or he engages in mystic yoga for material power. If such a person actually becomes intelligent, he takes to Krishna consciousness by engaging himself in intense devotional service to Lord Sri Krishna."

d) Madhya 22.36
"`Whether one desires everything or nothing, or whether he desires to merge into the existence of the Lord, he is intelligent only if he worships Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, by rendering transcendental loving service.'
This is a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (2.3.10).

e) Madhya 22.37
"If those who desire material enjoyment or merging into the existence of the Absolute Truth engage in the Lord's transcendental loving service, they will immediately attain shelter at Krishna 's lotus feet, although they did not ask for it. Krishna is therefore very merciful."

f) Madhya 22.38
"Krishna says, `If one engages in My transcendental loving service but at the same time wants the opulence of material enjoyment, he is very, very foolish. Indeed, he is just like a person who gives up ambrosia to drink poison."

g) Madhya 22.39
`Since I am very intelligent, why should I give this fool material prosperity? Instead I shall induce him to take the nectar of the shelter of My lotus feet and make him forget illusory material enjoyment.' "

Those who are interested in material enjoyment are known as bhukti-kami. One who is interested in merging into the effulgence of Brahman or perfecting the mystic yoga system is not a devotee at all. Devotees do not have such desires. However, if a karmi, jnani or yogi somehow contacts a devotee and renders devotional service, Krishna immediately awards him love of God and gives him shelter at His lotus feet, although he may have no idea how to develop love of Krishna. If a person wants material profit from devotional service, Krishna condemns such materialistic desires. To desire material opulence while engaging in devotional service is foolish. Although the person may be foolish, Krishna, being all-intelligent, engages him in His devotional service in such a way that he gradually forgets material opulence. The point is that we should not try to exchange loving service for material prosperity. If we are actually surrendered to the lotus feet of Krishna, our only desire should be to satisfy Krishna. That is pure Krishna consciousness. Surrender means not that we demand something from the Lord but that we completely depend on His mercy. If Krishna likes, He may keep His devotee in a poverty-stricken condition, or if He likes He may keep him in an opulent position. The devotee should not be concerned in either case; he should simply be very serious about trying to satisfy the Lord by rendering Him service.

h) Madhya 22.40
"`Whenever Krishna is requested to fulfill one's desire, He undoubtedly does so, but He does not award anything which, after being enjoyed, will cause one to petition Him again and again to fulfill further desires. When one has other desires but engages in the Lord's service, Krishna forcibly gives one shelter at His lotus feet, where one will forget all other desires.'

This is a quotation from Srimad Bhagavatam (5.19.27).

i) Madhya 22.41
"When someone engages in Lord Krishna 's devotional service for the satisfaction of the senses and instead acquires a taste for serving Krishna, he gives up his material desires and willingly offers himself as an eternal servant of Krishna.

j) Madhya 22.42
"[When he was being blessed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Dhruva Maharaja said:] `O my Lord, because I was seeking an opulent material position, I was performing severe types of penance and austerity. Now I have gotten You, who are very difficult for the great demigods, saintly persons and kings to attain. I was searching after a piece of glass, but instead I have found a most valuable jewel. Therefore I am so satisfied that I do not wish to ask any benediction from You.'

This verse is from the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (7.28).

k) Madhya 22.43
"The conditioned souls are wandering throughout the different planets of the universe, entering various species of life. By good fortune one of these souls may somehow or other be delivered from the ocean of nescience, just as one of the many big logs in a flowing river may by chance reach the bank.

There are unlimited conditioned souls who are bereft of Lord Krishna 's service. Not knowing how to cross the ocean of nescience, they are scattered by the waves of time and tide. However, some are fortunate to contact devotees, and by this contact they are delivered from the ocean of nescience, just as a log floating down a river accidentally washes upon the bank.

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Holding onto Krishna's Lotus Feet

Remembrance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the goal of all spiritual practices. One moment's remembrance of Lord Krsna is the greatest fortune, and a moment's forgetfulness of Him is the greatest loss. Reciting scriptures, observance of vows, executing pious deeds, bathing at pilgrimage without remembrance of His lotus feet, will not please the Lord, and therefore the living entity will not be pleased at heart.

- Srila Prabhupada

What pleases Krishna?

After receiving initiation at Gaya from Srila Iswara Puri, Sri Gaurasundar, the son of Mother Sachi, returned to Nadiya with a happy heart. One day, Vishwambhar gave transcendental knowledge to some pure brahmin boys of Nabadwip who were his students. Lord Gaura Hari said: pana eka satya vastu - krsnera carana sei vidya - yathe hari-bhaktira laksana

The sastras describe that anything other than this is ignorance. Do not study anything other than devotion to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna! (Text 12)

Persons intoxicated with pride in their learning, wealth, and birth do not attain Krishna. By devotional service one easily attains Krishna, the Lord of the Yadus. (Text 13)

Krishna is conquered by the nectar of devotional service. To prove this I quote these words from the sastras: (Text 14)

Where was the hunter Dharma's piety, Dhruva's maturity, and Gajendra's knowledge? Where was Kubja's beauty? Where was Sudama's wealth? Where was Vidura's noble birth? Where was Ugrasena's chivalrous strength? Lord Madhava is pleased only by devotional service and not by material qualifications. (Text 15: quoting Rupa Goswami's Padyavali, text 8).

--Adapted from Srila Lochan Das Thakur's Caitanya-mangala, Madhya 1.11-15
You should study only the one truth - Krishna's feet. One who knows that truth has the ornament of devotion for the Lord. (Text 11)

Accepting Impediments and Arrangements

TRANSLATION "My dear King, do not be agitated and anxious because your sacrifices have not been properly executed due to providential impediments. Kindly take my words with great respect. We should always remember that if something happens by providential arrangement, we should not be very sorry. The more we try to rectify such reversals, the more we enter into the darkest region of materialistic thought."

PURPORT Sometimes the saintly or very religious person also has to meet with reversals in life. Such incidents should be taken as providential. Although there may be sufficient cause for being unhappy, one should avoid counteracting such reversals, for the more we become implicated in rectifying such reversals, the more we enter into the darkest regions of material anxiety. Lord Krsna has also advised us in this connection. We should tolerate things instead of becoming agitated.
(Lord Brahma speaking to Maharaja Prithu, Srimad Bhagavatam 4.19.34)

While we certainly must attend to illness, fire, accidents, circumstances which are causing impediments to our service, etc -- we must not become obsessed with the situation. There is a time and place for simply accepting these things as providential.
(Explained by HH Romapada Swami)

Daily Dose of Inspiration in Krishna Consciousness

It's not that we have to do the impossible. We can always meditate in Krsna consciousness on all the things that are impossible but rather than thinking about the impossible, let's do the possible. And the more we start to do all the small things that are possible then one day we find that the impossible has become possible. That's the nature of doing many small things. When we are able to take up many small things then at one point a big step becomes possible. This is a very important point in Krsna consciousness.(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, June 2011, London)
Just do some service for Krsna. We don't have to be in anxiety, we can become very peaceful because we can serve Krsna so easily in a very natural way and automatically we'll become more and more attached to Krsna just by serving. But what if we leave this world before we would become very advanced? Then there is no problem also. There is no problem at all because then there is asa-bandha, hope against hope. It means that even if there is no reason to hope that we will ever be successful because we ourselves are not pure but still we hope that Krsna will give us the mercy because we know that He is very soft hearted and very merciful. So although we are not qualified we will surely get the mercy. And Prabhupada and our spiritual master, they have prayed for us. And if our service is not good enough, Krsna looks at the service of our spiritual master and our spiritual master is asking, 'dear Krsna, please take this disciple of mine back to Godhead.' Then what can Krsna do….Krsna says, 'okay then let him or her go…' So asa-bandha, hope against hope.
(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, June 2011, New Ekachakra, Slovakia)
This movement is made of the mercy of Krsna and the problem is that being conditioned souls, we are very inspired and excited when something is new but then after a little while it becomes routine. So by now it's just, 'this Hare Krsna movement, we are apart of it…' and it's just routine and it's apart of our life. So when spiritual life has become a routine then it means we are taking the mercy for granted. We are no longer seeing the mercy, no longer appreciating the mercy.So we have to everyday again make a special endeavor to attract the mercy of Krsna. One has to renew day by day his surrender. Everyday start again, 'today I'm going to start again. I'm going to make a renewed endeavor to attract the mercy of Krsna.' Everyday again and again. It's not like, 'oh, I'm trying and it just doesn't work, I've been trying now for the last seven years and I'm just a conditioned soul, there is no hope for me…' No. Then today, realizing that we are that, then today we make a special endeavor, today do something extra. You don't have to be superman, (dramatic) 'tadada, tadadada, tadadada….super bhaktas in town!' We always want to be super bhakta. But we can just do something nice for Krsna today. Instead of making it 'another day in KC' we can make this a special day!
(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, June 2011, London)

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Humility Defined

As Srila Prabhupada was getting into his car, an Indian gentleman congratulated him on his lecture. Prabhupada put his hands together in respectful pranamas, and slightly lowered his head. "Thank you," he said humbly.

On the return journey to the temple, Prabhupada chanted half-audibly in the back seat of the car, looking out the window in a way as quiet and unassuming as a child. His demeanour gave no indication that just a few minutes before he had been cheered and applauded by thousands. For all the fanfare, he remained untouched, aloof and innocent, while at the same time appearing grave and ancient.

The devotees present were moved to recall Prabhupada's own words: "Humility means that one should not be anxious to have the satisfaction of being honoured by others .. Unless one is humble and meek, one cannot qualify to sit at the lotus feet of the Lord."

- From "The Great Transcendental Adventure" by HG Kurma Prabhu

Curing the Disease of Envy

Bhagavad Gita says that the bewildered spirit soul thinks himself to be the doer of activites but in actuallity all the activities are carried out by nature. This nature is working under Krishna’s direction. Anything material spiritual anything is being performed by Krishna alone. If we want to enjoy anything if we want to claim proprietorship over anything or if want to take credit for anything that means the most serious destructive enemy has overcome us. In this material world everyone is envious of someone else even in spiritual life.

If you have power to speak that is Krishna’s, your ability to see is property of Krishna.If you have some particular abilities or skills Krishna says I am ability in man. Your ability belongs to Krishna. Krishna says I am the intelligence of the intelligent. Your intelligence is the property of Krishna. I am the strength of the strong. Whatever strength you have to do anything, that strength is the property of Krishna. when we want to take credit for anything that is a show that we are envious of God. Because He deserves it because it’s all His.

If someone manifests more empowered qualities than we sometimes we become envious. In our heart of our hearts we are hoping that this person will fall down from spiritual platform so that people think just see he is not as good as I am.

Everyone one is thinking he was very good but when all things are said and done I am better I am the greatest. Whatever you are good at, if we are not good at something usually we are not so envious of people but if you are good at something a little then we cannot tolerate somebody else is better. This is the nature of the conditioned soul. A poor man is not so envious of some other rich man. But if a rich man if he sees somebody else richer then he becomes very envious. If see somebody else do giving more donation or doing better he think Haa.. he is motivated its all material. When I do it all transcendental .if someone can speak and treats better than us then we are thinking I cannot wait till this person can fall down. So everyone one realizes I am better. Someone can sing better someone can cook better someone can manage better we become very envious because we want be the enjoyer we want to be the proprietor of this opulence.

However we should that all belongs to Krishna. If someone is speaking nicely we should not think just see how wonderfully this person is. I want to be better. We should see Just see how wonderfully Krishna is manifesting through this person. If someone sings very nicely just think just see how wonderfully Krishna is manifesting Himself through this person. If someone is managing or cooking or doing anything very nicely dressing deities very nicely we should think just see how nicely Krishna is manifesting Himself through this person in such a wonderful way. Then we will not be envious then we will simply find great joy and inspiration in every ones devotional servce. Mamai vamso jiva loke jiva bhuta sanathanah ..every living being is a part and parcel of Krishna. If you are envious of anyone do not fool yourself that means you are simply a serpent envious of Krishna that’s all. If you admit it you can make some spiritual advancement. If you don’t admit it, you simply suffer your owm venom birth after birth after birth. Whatever the qualities we are envious of they are manifesting through Krishna they are manifesting by Krishna through this person. When we are envious of Krishna we are potentially envious of every part if Him.

We come to this world because we want to be the proprietor and enjoyer. And this is the problems with the religions today. Most religions are teaching you worship God you approach God. you will have better material life. You will get more respectability you will get more proprietorship over land through economic development you will get more sense gratification another you will be simply more envious of God you will be able to fulfill you envious positions. that s all .in the name of religion. They are simply asking to provide the
resources by we can continue our envy towards him. Take the glory that belongs to Him, take the property that belongs to Him. Enjoy the facilities that belong to Him .therefore SrimadBhagavatham from the very beginning kicks of this kaitava dharma cheating religion.

The Bhagavatam explains that only thing that extinguishes envy which is the basic root all disease is sincerely chanting and hearing the glories of the lord. How is this possible, because when we hear and chant the glories of the supreme personality od godhead, we are directly associating with him. In the beginning due to the disease of envy which is like Jaundice, hearing and chanting the glories of the lord is sometimes very bitter, distasteful. Sit home and read the scriptures, com e to the bhagwatam class, come to the Gita class, come to the pravachan, I’ll rather go to the cinema, rather watch the TV rather read some novel, I will rather talk prajalpa, talk nonsense with my friends, its boring to sit down and listen, that’s because of our disease, the disease of envy. Rather than to give Krsna enjoyment we want to enjoy, but if we continually hear and chant the glories of the lord in proper association. Then gradually little by little by little this envy will be removed.

Nashta prayeshu abhadreshu Nityam bhagwat sewaya
Bhagwati uttama sloke bhaktir bhawati naishtiki


Bhagavatam explains that by regularly hearing Srimad Bhagavatam from the person Bhagavatam not by the person who is teaching the conclusion of arth kaam moksha but one who is teaching the real essence from the parampara - pure devotional service. If we hear from such a person and render service to such a person all inauspicious things from our heart are cleansed.

- HH Radhanath Swami :: Srimad Bhagavatam Lecture (9.11.23)

Being Inquisitive about the Ultimate Source of Happiness

The following conversation between His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and some of his disciples took place in May 1975 during an early-morning walk in Perth, Australia.

Srila Prabhupada: The atheist says there is no God, no operator of this big universal machine. But has the atheist any experience of a machine working without an operator?

Devotee: No. But you cannot compare this whole universe to any man-made machine.

Srila Prabhupada: Why? Just the other day we saw a huge printing press in Japan. It was printing the sheets, collecting them, stacking them -- so many things were being done systematically, all by machine. Similarly, by the universal machine the seasonal changes are going on, the sun is rising, the moon is rising, and the water of the oceans is moving in waves. Everything is being done systematically: the sun and the moon are rising exactly on time; the seasons are coming exactly on time. Is this not how a machine works?

Devotee: [taking the role of an atheist] But this universal machine is so wonderful that it goes on without an operator.
Srila Prabhupada: You are dull -- so you cannot understand how someone is operating this universal machine. You cannot find in your experience any machine that is working without a person. Why do you bring this idea that without an operator this big universal machine is working? This is a false idea.

Devotee: There are some automatic machines.
Srila Prabhupada: No. Behind every machine there is an operator.

Devotee: Someone must turn it on and off.
Srila Prabhupada: Yes. There is no such thing as an automatic machine. That is impersonalism.

Devotee: We can see the operator of these small machines, Srila Prabhupada, but we can't see the operator of this universal machine.
Srila Prabhupada: Have you seen the operator of the electric powerhouse? Do you think the powerhouse is working automatically?

Devotee: Well, we could see him if we wanted to. We could drive there right now.
Srila Prabhupada: Yes, and you can go to Krishna and see Him, also. But first you must become qualified.

Devotee: That's not so easy.
Srila Prabhupada: It is very easy. As Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, bahavo jnana-tapasa puta mad-bhavam agatah: "By becoming purified through knowledge and penance, many have come to Me in the past." So why are you disappointed? You can go to Krishna. Striyo vaisyas tatha sudrah: Even if you are low-born or less intelligent, you can go to Him. Krishna is open to everyone. Simply become qualified, that's all. And what is the qualification? Krishna says, man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskuru: "Just always think of Me, become My devotee, worship Me, and offer your respect to Me." These four things you must do. We have opened our temples for this purpose -- so you can always think of Krishna, worship Him, offer obeisances to Him, and become His devotee. Then mam evaisyaty asamsayah: Without any doubt, you will go to Him. What is the difficulty?

Devotee: The operator of the powerhouse is running the powerhouse, but it's not really necessary that we go see him. We can simply enjoy the electricity provided by the powerhouse.
Srila Prabhupada: That's what you do if you're a fool. But if you are intelligent enough, you'll ask, "Who is the operator? Let me see him." That is the difference between an intelligent person and one who is dull.
I once heard a story about a little boy who was beating on a drum -- dumm, dumm, dumm. He became inquisitive and thought, "Wherefrom is the sound coming? Somebody must be within the drum." So he found a way to open the drum and look inside. This is intelligence. A dull student will think, "Oh, the sound is just coming, that's all." But an intelligent boy will always inquire, "What is this, father? ' What is this, father?"
So if one is very dull, just like the cats and dogs, he will not inquire about the operator behind this universal machine. In the human form of life this inquiry should come. Otherwise, you remain cats and dogs.

Devotee: What about the body, Srila Prabhupada? Isn't that also a machine?
Srila Prabhupada: Yes.

Devotee: But the scientists say that this body is more complicated than any machine because it can think, feel, and will, whereas machines can't do that.
Srila Prabhupada: The scientists cannot see that the thinking, feeling, and willing is coming from the operator of the machine, the soul. They cannot understand that. Krishna says, dehino 'smin yatha dehe: Within the bodily machine is the operator, the soul.

Devotee: Just like the child who tried to find the cause of the sound in his drum, the scientists are trying to find the cause of the material world. Is that not intelligence?
Srila Prabhupada: Yes, but they have not reached the ultimate goal.

Devotee: But they're trying.
Srila Prabhupada: They're trying -- that is admitted. But they are concluding that there is no operator. That is their foolishness. They have to go further and further until they conclude, "Yes, there is an operator." That is the final goal of their investigation. Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, bahunam janmanam ante jnanavan mam prapadyate: "After many, many births of sincere inquiry, if one is actually intelligent he will surrender to Me." And then, vasudevah sarvam iti: "He'll understand that Vasudeva [Krishna] is everything."
But these scientists waste time. When we say, "Here is Krishna -- here is the operator of the universal machine," they'll not accept. They would rather waste time life after life, laboring and wondering. But one day they will come to the conclusion that Krishna is the operator behind this whole universe.

Devotee: Srila Prabhupada, people often think that devotees are inhibited or repressed -- that they never get any pleasure.
Srila Prabhupada: Everyone is looking for pleasure, because we're meant for that. But because people have forgotten Krishna, the reservoir of pleasure, they're trying to find pleasure in things other than Krishna. Therefore they are becoming frustrated. They do not know that unless they come to Krishna consciousness, they will find no real pleasure.
Suppose a child is crying. If some woman other than his mother takes him on her lap, he will continue crying. But as soon as he's on the lap of his mother, he immediately stops crying. Why? He can understand, "Now I have the real thing."
Similarly, when we finally come to Krishna, we'll be fully satisfied. We won't want anything further.

Devotee: Srila Prabhupada, earlier you were speaking about the importance of being inquisitive.
Srila Prabhupada: Being inquisitive about the ultimate source of happiness is the standard of human life. That inquisitiveness cannot be found in the cats and dogs. And unless a person becomes inquisitive about the ultimate source of happiness, he's an animal, not a human being. Ninety-nine point nine percent of all people are not inquisitive in this way. They're searching after happiness, but they are not inquisitive about the ultimate source of happiness. So they are being baffled.

Devotee: It seems as if the very things that they think will make them happy turn out to be the causes of misery.
Srila Prabhupada: Yes. For example, in the name of happiness they have invented the motorcar. But when two motorcars crash head on, life is lost. Yet people aren't inquisitive enough to ask, "We have invented this machine for happiness; so why has this disaster happened?" They don't have the intelligence to ask this question. They simply go on searching after happiness in the material world. And when we say, "No, not in that way; come this way, to Krishna consciousness, and you'll find real happiness," they laugh.

Devotee: What about the scientists, Srila Prabhupada? They're very inquisitive; they're trying to find the cause of the material world.
Srila Prabhupada: Yes. We give them credit for that. But they are looking for the cause of this world in the wrong place. And when they're given correct information, they do not take it. We say to the scientists, "You are searching for the cause of the world? Here is Krishna, the original source of everything." But they will not accept Him. That is their foolishness.

Devotee: You were just saying that everyone is looking for happiness. But shouldn't that desire be purified? Shouldn't we give up all desire for happiness?
Srila Prabhupada: No, no. Happiness is life. How can you give it up?

Devotee: But if we desire happiness, we're being selfish --
Srila Prabhupada: The problem is, you do not know that the ultimate goal of your selfishness is to realize Krishna (na te viduh svartha-gatim hi visnum). Everyone is self-interested, but no one knows how to fulfill his real self-interest.

Devotee: But isn't it better to give up ego altogether?
Srila Prabhupada: Why? That is mayavada [impersonalistic] philosophy. We want to make our ego purified. We want to understand, "I am a servant of Krishna." That egoism is wanted -- not that I make my egoism zero.

Devotee: Why do the Mayavadi impersonalists want to eradicate the ego?
Srila Prabhupada: The Mayavadis are disappointed in life, so they think, "Let me finish my ego. Let me become zero." But egoism cannot be finished. Because you are an individual soul, you will always have a sense of "I am." Now I am thinking I am Indian, you are thinking you are American, someone else is thinking he is Russian, and so on. But I am not Indian and you are not American: we are all part and parcel of Krishna. We have to come to this egoism, the real egoism -- that I am an eternal servant of Krishna.

Devotee: Srila Prabhupada, the materialistic scientists are so inquisitive. Why aren't they able to come to the point of understanding that Krishna is the source of everything?
Srila Prabhupada: Because they are envious of Him. They are unwilling to accept His instructions. You have to take direction from Krishna. He says, "I am the goal of all knowledge. I am the destination. Come to Me." If you don't take this instruction, you are unfortunate. You will be baffled in your attempt to acquire knowledge.

Kirtan is Life - 2

Enjoy the nectarian Kirtans of HH Lokanath Swami in ISKCON Mayapur
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Satisfaction of Krishna is Top Priority

Tamala Krsna: Five: "All men are forced to act helplessly according to the impulses born of the modes of material nature. Therefore nobody can refrain from doing something, not even for a moment [Bg. 3.5]."
Prabhupada: Yes. They say... We saw one signboard in a yoga society in Los Angeles that "You become silent, and you'll become God." (laughs) And here Krsna says that you cannot become silent even for a moment. You see? These things are going on.

Practically that is real silence. If you simply engage yourself in activities of Krsna consciousness, then automatically your activities in maya become silent. Just like the same example I have given. Here is a glass. If you want to fill up with milk, the water will go automatically. You have to throw away the water. You cannot put the water and the milk at the same time in this glass. Similarly, if you become active in Krsna consciousness, you automatically become silent in material activities. Without any separate endeavor. It is so nice. And if you try artificially to stop, to become silent from material activities, it will not be possible. You may meditate for fifteen minutes or for fifteen hundred minutes or fifteen thousand years, it will not be possible. The mind is very strong. Mind's business is to accept and reject, accept and reject. You accept something, you reject something.

Better thing is that we accept something Krsna conscious under the direction of disciplic succession. That is your, should be, the aim of life, and you are successful. You have to accept something. Simply by rejecting, it will not help you. But you have to accept something. That acceptance is Krsna consciousness. Simply negation will not help you. You must have some positive engagement.

Sometimes it is thought that spiritual life means to retire from active life. That is general impression. People think that for cultivation of spiritual knowledge or self-realization they should go to some Himalayan caves or some secluded place. That is also recommended. But that sort of recommendation is meant for persons who are unable to engage themselves in activities of Krsna consciousness. Lord Krsna is teaching Arjuna how one can remain in his position. Never mind whatever he is, still he can become perfectly in Krsna consciousness. That is the whole substance of the teachings of Lord Krsna.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu also. He never asked anybody to change his position. He simply recommended that you associate with pure devotees and hear from him. That's all. General people understand that retiring from ordinary duties, one becomes spiritually advanced. That is being taught here. It is not like that. Krsna taught to the whole world that Arjuna was a soldier, he was a fighter, and in his fighting also he can be Krsna conscious. It is not that he has to cease from fighting and then become Krsna conscious. No. There is no such question. There is no rejection of anything, but dovetailing everything. That is the process. Do everything, but in Krsna consciousness. If you are a fighter, fight, but for Krsna. If you are a businessman, all right. Do business for Krsna. If you are something else, do that, but for Krsna. This is wanted. This is called Krsna consciousness. To dovetail everything with Krsna.

Nirbandhah krsna-sambandhe yuktam vairagyam ucyate. Yuktam vairagya, real renunciation, is to dovetail everything for Krsna. That is renunciation. Not renunciation that "I earn whole time millions of dollars and distribute among my children and are all engaged in some other way, and I become Krsna conscious in a secluded place." No. You can begin Krsna consciousness from the very beginning. Earn for Krsna, spend for Krsna, think for Krsna, work for Krsna. That is Krsna consciousness. Fight for Krsna. Nothing to be rejected. Everything to be dovetailed with Krsna. That is Krsna consciousness.

Srila Prabhupada Lecture :: 1968/12/12 Los Angeles, Bhagavad gita 3.1-5

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Connecting Manav with Madhav is Real Seva

Srila Prabhupada would often tell the story of the son of a very rich man who left home and started to wander in the streets. Seeing him hungry someone offered him food, he gulped it due to his hunger but continued his aimless wandering. Then someone else comes and offers him a new set of clothes and he happily wears that and conituned his aimless wandering. Then someone gives him few free medicines which give him physical relief but it cannot help him with his internal distress. Then someone comes, takes him in a car, brings him home, bathes him and when he has sobered down, talks to him with affection about his loving father's affection for him, and removes the misunderstanding in the relationship with his father. When he has sobered down, then he takes him back to his father's mansion where he gets unlimited foodstuff, best clothes, permanent medicines for relief and support of his father. This is solving his problems permanenetly.

We are all the beloved children of God just like the wealthy son of the King but due to misuse of our free will, we have left the loving shelter of our father and are wandering here in this material world aimlessly for some pleasure due to which we are sometimes promoted to heavenly kingdom (A class prison) or animal kingdom or hellish planets (C Class prison) without any way out. The Vedic texts give us information that we are spiritual beings belonging to the eternal kingdom of God but due to the misuse of our independence we choose to enjoy separate from the shelter of the Father just like the child who left home.

So material welfare workers are like the people who offered food, clothing and medicines to the child but the devotees are the people who take the child back to His father for eternal happiness.

- From Spiritual Scientist Newsletter by Iskcon Youth Forum
Under HG Radheshyam Das and HG Chaitanya Charana Das

Kirtan is Life - 1


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Freedom from Three Modes by Service to Spiritual Master and Bhagavata

The 3 gunas are sometimes compared to 3 ropes, twisted together to make one very strong rope, a rope that binds the conditioned living being to material existence. Bhagavad-gita Chapter14 describes the effect of the 3 modes, but it also describes how the modes can STOP acting: when one undeviatingly engages in devotional service unto Krishna, avyabhicari-bhakti.

BG 14.26: One who engages in full devotional service, unfailing in all circumstances, at once transcends the modes of material nature and thus comes to the level of Brahman.

One who surrenders unto Krsna at once surmounts the influence of the modes of material nature. To be in Krsna consciousness or in devotional service means to acquire equality with Krsna. The Lord says that His nature is eternal, blissful and full of knowledge, and the living entities are part and parcel of the Supreme, as gold particles are part of a gold mine. Thus the living entity, in his spiritual position, is as good as gold, as good as Krsna in quality. The difference of individuality continues, otherwise there would be no question of Bhakti-yoga. Bhakti-yoga means that the Lord is there, the devotee is there and the activity of exchange of love between the Lord and the devotee is there. Therefore the individuality of two persons is present in the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the individual person, otherwise there would be no meaning to bhakti-yoga. If one is not situated in the same transcendental position with the Lord, one cannot serve the Supreme Lord. To be a personal assistant to a king, one must acquire the qualifications. Thus the qualification is to become Brahman or freed from all material contamination.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.15.25 speaks about service to the spiritual master with faith and devotion, while Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.18 refers to the process of 'service unto the Bhagavata' (both book and person Bhagavata: 1.2.18). We can understand that both lead to avyabhicari-bhakti, as discussed on BHAGAVAD-GITA.

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.18
By regular attendance in classes on the Bhagavatam and by rendering of service to the pure devotee, all that is troublesome to the heart is almost completely destroyed, and loving service unto the Personality of Godhead, who is praised with transcendental songs, is established as an irrevocable fact.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.15.25
One must conquer the modes of passion and ignorance by developing the mode of goodness, and then one must become detached from the mode of goodness by promoting oneself to the platform of suddha-sattva. All this can be automatically done if one engages in the service of the spiritual master with faith and devotion. In this way one can conquer the influence of the modes of nature.

Just by treating the root cause of an ailment, one can conquer all bodily pains and sufferings. Similarly, if one is devoted and faithful to the spiritual master, he can conquer the influence of sattva-guna, rajo-guna and tamo-guna very easily. Yogis and jnanis practice in many ways to conquer the senses, but the bhakta immediately attains the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead through the mercy of the spiritual master. Yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasado **. If the spiritual master is favorably inclined, one naturally receives the mercy of the Supreme Lord, and by the mercy of the Supreme Lord one immediately becomes transcendental, conquering all the influences of sattva-guna, rajo-guna and tamo-guna within this material world. This is confirmed in Bhagavad-Gita (sa gunan samatityaitan brahma-bhuyaya kalpate [Bg. 14.26]). If one is a pure devotee acting under the directions of the guru, one easily gets the mercy of the Supreme Lord and thus becomes immediately situated on the transcendental platform.

- Srila Prabhupada
(Explained by HH Romapada Swami)

A Vaisnava Devotee never Finds Faults

"Where have you got this idea to retire and simply translate books? That is not in our line. My Spiritual Master has given me the instruction to spread this movement all over the world and you are my good disciples, are helping me do this. Without your good help I could not have done anything, so practically you can take all the credit for spreading this Krsna Consciousness movement and fulfilling the prophecy of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. If there is some incident and I claim that no one is cooperating with me or no one will work with me, that is my defect, not theirs. The Vaisnava devotee must think like this. We should not find fault with others and criticize and go away, that is not the Vaisnava way. Better we should always be willing to offer all respects to others and consider them as our superiors always...."

Srila Prabhupada letter to Gaurasundara 72-08-26

Real Satisfaction Comes When One Loves God

The loving propensity is there. In everyone. But it is misdirected. Therefore Krsna says, “Kick out all these loving objects. Try to love Me.” Sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam [Bg. 18.66]. In this way your loving will never be able to satisfy you. Yenatma samprasidati. If you want real satisfaction, then you must love Krsna, or God. That is the whole philosophy of…, Vedic philosophy. Or any philosophy you take. Because after all, you want satisfaction of yourself, full satisfaction of your mind. That can be only achieved when you love God. Therefore that religion is first-class which teaches, which trains the candidate how to love God. That is first-class religion. Sa vai pumsam paro dharmo yato bhaktih… [SB 1.2.6]. And that love not with a motive. Just like here in this material world, “I love you; you love me.” Background is some motive. Ahaituky apratihata. Ahaituki, no motive.

Anyabhilasita-sunyam [Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu 1.1.11].  That will be taught in the Bhagavad-gita. Anyabhilasita-sunyam jnana-karmady-anavrtam [Cc. Madhya 19.167]. People are working… Somebody is working for knowledge and somebody is working for sense gratification. This is the material world. This is the material world. Somebody is trying to become very big scholar, knowledge, “What is this? What is this? What is this?” Not for understanding God, but for having some superfluous knowledge. So this is called jnana. And karma means working day and night for sense gratification. So bhakti is transcendental. Anyabhilasita-sunyam jnana-karmady-anavrtam [Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu 1.1.11]. Not tinted by all these contamination, jnana and karma.

Therefore Narottama dasa Thakura says, jnana-kanda, karma-kanda, sakali visera bhanda. Either you are engaged in the activities of karma or either you are engaged in the activities of speculative knowledge or acquiring knowledge, this is jnana-kanda and karma-kanda. So Narottama dasa Thakura says that “Both these, jnana-kanda and karma-kanda, are pots of poison. Either you drink this or that, it doesn’t matter.” Karma-kanda — according to karma you’ll get a different body. Jnana-kanda also. If you actually become very much advanced in knowledge, you can get a body in a brahmana family, in a very educated family. But I’ll have to go through the transmigration of the soul, repetition of birth and death. There is risk. I do not know what I am going to get. It is not guaranteed. Little mistake. Little mistake… Just like Bharata Maharaja, little mistake. At the time of…, he was thinking of a deer. Next life he got the life of a deer. Little mistake. Yam yam vapi smaran loke tyajanty ante kalevaram. Because nature is so perfect, at the time of your death, what is the mental condition, you will get a similar body, next life. Karmana daiva-netrena [SB 3.31.1]. Because daiva, Krsna is with you. Krsna will see, “Now he is thinking of become a king. Now he is thinking to become a dog.” So Krsna immediately gives you. You take the body of a dog. You take the body of a lion. You take the body of a king. Take the body. Similarly, if you are thinking of Krsna, take the body of a Krsna, immediately. Tyaktva deham punar janma naiti mam eti kaunteya [Bg. 4.9]. This is Krsna consciousness, how to train the mind to die thinking of Krsna. Then your life is successful. Therefore we have to chant Hare Krsna, always think of Krsna. Man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskuru [Bg. 18.65]. Then your life is perfect.

- Srila Prabhupada
Ref. VedaBase => Bhagavad-gita 2.9 — London, August 15, 1973

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If we want Honey, Bee Stings will Follow!

There is a story from the Mahabharata where in there was once a Brahmana who woke up one day and suddenly found himself in a desert and he did not know what to do. The desert was dry, hot, no water, no shelter and no trees. He was therefore forced to look around and he had to survive. Then, as he was wondering what to do next, he saw on the horizon what looked to be like a forest. He became very excited and with logic he understood that there must be trees, fruits and water there in the forest.

After a while he reached the forest and was excited that now I'll get some happiness. But when he got close he saw that it was a huge forest surrounded by a wall. He walked and looked for a gateway but there was no entrance. So, it was a very high wall and he was rather reluctant to climb the wall. However with great effort he tried to climb the wall. He managed to get to the top of the wall and he saw a huge forest with no way out. But he thought being in the forest is better than being in the desert knowing there is no way out.

Then he was expecting that now I can get some peace. When he entered the forest, he saw big trees, thick grasses and as he was trying to get inside, he saw animals like snakes, scorpions, tigers, leopards and all the creatures were very hungry. When they saw the Brahmana, they began to chase him. Then the mosquitoes and bugs were biting him, bigger animals were running behind him, he was getting scratched by the thorns, he was getting tired also. It was a worse situation and he had to keep running. Finally he tripped and fell and he was entangled and was hanging upside down a tree. He was trapped. At the bottom of the tree was a well where there was a big snake. He somehow climbed up the tree and there were black and white rats.

He was wondering what to do. Then there was a bee hive and everytime he moved a little bit, The bees would come out and sting all over his body. Then the Brahmana who was trapped in pain, misery, was hopeless started SMILING. Why is he smiling?
He is smiling because every now and then from the bee hive a drop of honey falls into his mouth and he forgets the situation.

So, the story is symbolic. The brahmana is the spirit soul who finds himself trapped in the material world and once he is in the material universe it is very difficult to get out of it and we cannot trace out the beginning or the end. Like that the forest (material universe) is surrounded by high walls. But the forest (material universe) "looks" very nice but when we actually start experiencing the material world, we understand that it's not a safe place.

The animals represent the sickness, anger, conflicts, problems, no money, food and then we get afflicted and then we have to keep working to avoid all this (running through the forest). Hanging upside down represents getting trapped in a material body and once we get trapped, we have a life span set for us and every second that life span gets shorter. The black and white rats represnt the night and days who are nibbling on the branch which is holding him and then he falls into the well which is death. In the meantime we are in this body, somehow we foget our situation  and we think it is very nice in this world, because we get some sort of pleasure, honey or little sweetness which makes us foregt the hopelessness from this world. So when we get pleasure, the pain is also there. We get karma with everhything we do which represents the bee stings.

So Vidura says this is not a very intelligent way of living. We are eternal soul and once we realize that then the pleasure and pain are no longer significant. The goal of life is not avoiding pain and getting happiness. The goal of life is to understand that we are spiritual beings beyond the pains and pleasure having an eternal realtionship with the Supreme Lord. We have to therefore build that relationship and then we get eternal happiness.

This is the solution to the problem. We have to practice to get to that position and by the practice of Bhakti we can withdraw from the bodily attachments and get more involved with our relationship of Krishna. The main process is to chant the names of Krishna.

This helps us to establish our relation with the Supreme Lord and when that is established - the whole concept of living changes.

- HH Bhanu Swami Maharaj (2002-05-19)

Preparing for the Final Moment!

If we have developed proper attitude, if we have cleansed or purified our heart, if we have considerably detached ourselves from material attachments and detached ourselves from the propensity for sense gratification and if we have considerably maintained or advanced ourselves in spiritual lives, then at the time of death we will pass the exam, just like a good student who has prepared through out the year will pass the exam with flying colours. But a student who has gone to school but who doesn’t study properly, what happens to him?

Bhaktivinoda Thakura is saying, at the final moment he will be completely bewildered about how to face it as he didn’t prepare himself.

This Krsna Consciousness movement is meant to prepare ourselves for that final moment.

- HH Bhakti Charu Swami

Attainig Krishna Prema by Chanting Offenselessly

"One should never lose hope in spite of being attacked by wicked thoughts while chanting the holy name. All these thoughts will gradually disappear as one becomes fixed in chanting. But if one does not chant with enthusiasm how will such materialistic thoughts disappear?"

The best way to overcome the material energy is to associate with pure devotees and to chant the holy name of Krsna. A devotee's advancement can be measured by how much he is attracted to chanting the holy name.

"The end of all study and knowledge is the chanting of Krsna's holy names. Devotion to the Lord means faithfully chanting the holy name of Krsna. One who chants the holy name without offenses will very quickly attain Krsna prema."

- HH Mahanidhi Swami
Art of Chanting Hare Krishna

Complete Purification by Devotional service

Another example given in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam concerns the elephant who enters into a lake and takes a bath very seriously, cleansing his body thoroughly. Then as soon as he comes onto shore he again takes some dust from the earth and throws it over his body. Similarly, a person who is not trained in Kṛṣṇa consciousness cannot become completely free from the desire for sinful activities. Neither the yoga process nor philosophical speculations nor fruitive activities can save one from the seeds of sinful desires.
Only by being engaged in devotional service to Krishna can this be done.
- Srila Prabhupada (Nectar of Devotion)

Always feel blessed by Krishna

You are feeling some discomfort in your life in Krishna Consciousness, but I can assure you that this is only temporary condition of little importance, because main thing is that somehow or other you have got a little attraction for Krishna and you have become His devotee and this is the highest platform of development of life. So you should always feel yourself very much blessed by Krishna that you have come to this point after so much long struggling, so if there is from time to time little discomfort, do not pay it any attention. Now you have got the formula how to achieve very quickly the supreme perfectional stage, and it is up to you if you will practice it seriously or not. If you chant daily 16 rounds and read at least one hour daily Srimad-Bhagavatam, plus your other prescribed duties, never mind this or that, you will feel yourself becoming happy more and more and these practices will protect you from maya or hazy consciousness without any doubt. Of course, it is very much favorable to our advancement in spiritual life if we are engaged in some service for Krishna which is also pleasing to us to perform.

Ref. VedaBase => Srila Prabhupada letter to: Saucarya — Vrindaban 23 October, 1972

Vision To See Life in Stone

The following conversation between His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and several of his disciples took place in June 1974 in Paris.

Devotees: A man came to the temple a couple of days ago and argued that we really can’t say for sure that there’s life after death, so why worry about it? Better to build a more prosperous society. At least this we can understand, and it would be a meaningful accomplishment.
Srila Prabhupada: He may not understand that the soul takes another body after death, but he can understand that he’ll be kicked out of his present body. Didn’t he understand this?

Devotee: He thought it was more important to engage in economic development.
Srila Prabhupada: Therefore he’s a fool. Suppose I am visiting here in Paris, and you say, “As soon as your visa expires you’ll be kicked out.” Shall I be interested in creating anything elaborate? I shall be kicked out after two months, so why should I construct a big building? He knows that he will be kicked out, but still he works day and night to collect bricks and stones, and he becomes a “big man.” 

Devotee: Sometimes people argue that God has given us our senses, so we should enjoy them.
Srila Prabhupada: The dog is also enjoying his senses. What are you enjoying that the dog doesn’t enjoy? You eat; the dog also eats. You sleep; the dog also sleeps. You enjoy sex; the dog also enjoys sex. You are afraid of your enemy; the dog is also afraid of its enemy. So what is the difference between the dog’s mentality and your mentality?
God has given you the intelligence to understand that you are nothing and He is everything. Just realize it—that is intelligence. When you understand, “God is great; I am His servant,” that is real intelligence.

Devotee: Someone might ask why we decorate the Deity in the temple.
Srila Prabhupada: Because it is living. One who puts forward this argument does not know that we are decorating the real, living body.

Devotee: You say the Deity is the real body, but it appears to be stone. There are no symptoms of life in the Deity.
Srila Prabhupada: There is life—the supreme life—but you have no eyes to see it. Premanjana—cchurita -bhakti- vilocanena. A devotee—he can see that the Deity is alive. You think that after reading so many scriptures we are worshiping stone? You have no eyes to see the truth. You have to purify your vision to see that Krsna is personally present in the Deity.

Devotee: Most people can’t even understand the existence of the soul. So how can they understand the Deity?
Srila Prabhupada: Therefore they have to become our students, our disciples, to understand this science. Then they will see that the stone Deity is also Krsna.

Devotee: Is my body also Krsna, since it is made of earth, like the Deity?
Srila Prabhupada: No, but it is Krsna’s energy. Therefore the body should be engaged in Krsna’s service. That is Krsna consciousness. As soon as you understand the body is Krsna’s energy, you will not employ it for any purpose other than His vice. But people do not have this realization. They think the body is theirs, or that they are the body. This is illusion.

Devotee: When impersonalistic philosophers read in Bhagavad-gita [18.61] that Supreme Lord is situated in everyone’s heart,” they argue that since Krsna is in heart of every living entity, every living entity is Krsna.
Srila Prabhupada: Why? If I am in a room have I become the room? Is that argument very sound? Krsna is within my body, and I am also within my body, but does that mean I am the body or that Krsna is the body? Krsna is everything, and yet, Krsna is apart from everything. In Bhagavad-gita [9.4] Krsna says, maya tatam idam sarvam jagad avyakta-murtina: “I am spread all over the universe in My impersonal feature.” Mat-sthani sarva-bhutani: “Everything is in Me.” Na caham tesv avasthitah: “But I separate from everything.” This is the philosophy of simultaneous oneness and difference (acintya-bhedabheda-tattva).