Sunday, 9 October 2011

Narada Muni's opinion on Noble Behavior

There was a king of the kuru dynasty named Suhotra who once went to visit some great rishis. While returning home, he happened to meet another king named Shibi, traveling on the road in the opposite direction. The road was too narrow for both chariots to pass and becuase they were both equals in terms of age and other qualifications, neither Shibi nor Suhotra would move.

Narada Muni then appeared on the scene and asked what was the matter?

Suhotra and Shibi replied, "Devarshi it is proper ettiquette that one should give the right way to superiors. However because we are equal to one another in all respects, none of us are willing to move."

Narada Muni said I will recite some verses from shastra and also give you my opinion on the matter.

-Wicked persons behave harshly even toward superiors, wheareas those who are elevated conduct themselves very mildly, even while dealing with those who are sinful. Since a noble person behaves virtuosly, even toward those who are degraded, why he should not do so in relation to those who are good?
- An exalted person regards another person's qualities and the services rendered by him to be one hundered times greater than they actually are. In this way he only sees good in others.
- The way to conquer a mean minded person is to give him charity. A liar is won over by truth, a sinful person is conquered by forgiveness, and a dishonest person's heart is softened by honesty.

My dear Suhotra, aside from this, you should know that Maharaja Shibi's greatness exceeds yours. My dear Kings, since you both are very large hearted, one of you should volunatrily move aside, giving up all sense of false pride.

Suhotra then moved his chariot off the road giving Shibi the right way and while doing so, he priased him highly.

- Stories from Mahabharat (Vana Parva - Markendya Rsi to Yudhistar Maharaj)

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