Friday, 16 August 2013

Bringing Krishna Consciousness to Schools

Article - August 15, 2013

The sky was overcast: it was drizzling: not unusual for Melbourne, Australia! But we planned a big program for Albert Park College’s annual Multicultural Day. So we really prayed to Radha-Ballabha to clear the sky by mid-morning.
Just as last year - for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada - we prepared a range of workshops and lunchtime activities. They showcased the rich culture of India and gave students a taste of what our local Hare Krishna temple has to offer.
‘We’ were a big team of volunteers from our temple and congregation. Workshops included Yoga & Meditation, Henna Art, Indian Music and Dance, Indian Cooking, the Festivals and Culture of India, as well as Garland Making, Indian Weddings and Traditional Costumes. We also hosted various displays around the school, focussed on topics like Vegetarianism, Bhakti Yoga, Knowledge and Peace.
The sky cleared. Even before the prasädam stall was set up for lunch, there was an enthusiastic crowd of students and staff queuing to taste delicious Hare Krishna cuisine, all sponsored by the temple.
Many students enjoyed prasädam so much that they came back for seconds! The Henna Art and Gopi Face Painting crews were kept busy by the long line of students patiently awaiting their turn. We also gave students tastes of dressing in särés and dhotés.
But the main highlight during lunch was the ecstatic Harinäma led by Jyoti Mätäjé and Jaya Jagannätha Prabhu, who had students and teachers singing and dancing to the Mahämantra for almost an hour.
Mathew Styles (Multicultural Day co-ordinator) remarked that, “Both the staff and students had a wonderful day and have nothing but praise for all of the exciting activities you all had on offer. The students embraced the day and the staff had the opportunity to get involved and enjoy themselves as well.”
The icing on this (egg-free) festival cake was the profuse appreciation of College Principal Steve Cook, who said he would love the Hare Krishnas to come back every year to help make Multicultural Day a special event!

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