Thursday, 3 October 2013

Submissiveness - A necessary quality of a Devotee

Bhagatji comes into the kitchen in Prabhupada's back garden every lunchtime to cook Prabhupada's chapatis. He is very expert at this and when I was learning to cook Prabhupada had me learn chapati making from him. Prabhupada likes Bhagatji very much, and so when Bhagatji brings the last chapati into the prasadam room for Prabhupada, he lets him sit and chats with him until the end of his meal.

I told Bhagatji today about my decision to not do any special vrata for Karttika. He was surprised and tried to cajole me into continuing, stressing that one must observe some special vrata in order to get the benefit of Karttika. But I held my ground. I told him that the observance of the vrata was useless if it meant I couldn't do my service to Srila Prabhupada. He conceded that it was a higher principle and relented.

Bhagatji also frequently attends managerial meetings and Prabhupada's afternoon darsanas. This afternoon at about 4:00 p.m. he brought some news about Nitai. He told Srila Prabhupada that he has been seen in Vrndavana with Yogananda dasa. Bhagatji was good friends with Nitai, and out of sentiment, he pleaded with Srila Prabhupada to allow him to bring Nitai to see him. He thought that if Srila Prabhupada could personally talk to him, he could straighten him out.

Prabhupada dismissed his request without prolonged discussion on the matter. "No. Unless he is prepared to come of his own accord, then what will be the use? Unless a man is submissive, then it is useless to speak with him."

>>> Ref. VedaBase => TD 4-5: Sri Vrndavana-dhama

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