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Hearing about Govinda - Fulfills the Loving Propensity

Our loving propensity is satisfied when we are hearing about Krishna. Krishna is the enlivener of the senses. We are also worried about our senses, will our senses be satisfied? Govinda, the very name suggests the enlivener of the senses. Krishna says hear about Me, talk about Me, serve Me; then you will experience the fulfillment of your loving propensity.

Q1. We see fight in material world; so in spiritual world are there fights?
Yes, Krishna is expert not only in loving but also in fighting. When He was a three month old baby, He was killing. He knew how to kill Putana. At every stage of Krishna’s appearance, he demonstrated that he is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is God. So many books about Krishna, the hindu forest God and there are pictures of Krishna dancing with His consorts. But that’s not the only thing He does. Krishna is the best killer, playmate. He is full in Himself.

Q2. If Krishna is the Supreme Lord, then Krishna asks Indra to grant Him the boon that His friendship with Arjuna be eternal. If Krishna is Supreme Lord, how can Indra grant Him the boon?
Krishna likes to show how He has a relationship with His devotees. Why is He driving the chariot of Arjuna? Chariot driver is not a prestigious position; He likes to show that He’s dependant on His devotees. Krishna enjoys being in control and He will also enjoy voluntarily coming under the control of His devotees. We have this idea that God can only enjoy by commanding but in Krishna you see everything there, perfect and complete. You yourself would like it, if someone you trusted would order you. Later when you have a family, you would see. (Laughter)

Q3. What about the other faiths like Jesus and Allah?
There is God and there are representatives of God. Jesus we refer as Guru, he always referred to God as Father. Muhammad taught us to be servant of God. God has unlimited names. Why are we stressing Krishna – because Krishna is the most expensive and comprehensive understanding of God. Not God as order supplier; that is religion in mode in passion; not God as impersonal. The transcendental understanding is to know Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Now you have the opportunity to understand God in full, therefore you should be so careful to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Q4. There are many youngsters who come to such spiritual gatherings? Is it the restlessness or insecurity which brings them here?
They are very fortunate. They have found the place by being guided by Lord Krishna in their heart. Whether they are going to be Brahmacari in the ashram or practicing Krishna consciousness at home; here they will get the highest perfection of life. 

Q5. For a devotee following Krishna Consciousness, how to overcome all obstacles? Ofcourse, we chant and associate with devotees which gives us certain opportunity to be in devotional service; again we are also engaged in materialistic activities as we are working or students and associate with people not in Krsna Consciousness. How to overcome this?
We are followers of Rupa Goswami. Nirbandha Krsna-sambandhe; yukta-vairagyam ucyate. We are practicing real renunciation - that means not denying this energy but using it for Krishna. The more that you use things for pleasure of Krishna, the more you will be free from contamination even while acting within the material world, that is the secret. Not that this world is matter and reject it - that’s the failure. If we try to control senses you will fail and if you try to be the proprietor you will fail. Bhakti-yoga means yukta-vairagya; proper, expert renunciation – using everything in Krishna’s service. You cannot claim proprietorship over anything in this world or renounce it – it’s not yours. For example, we are walking near Citibank, and I say ‘This is Citibank and I am renouncing it.’ This is absurd as I never owned Citibank. The more the elements of your life are used in Krishna’s service, the more we will be perfect.

Q6.  Other Religions like Christian, Muslim they have one entity of God; why in Hinduism there are so many entities of God?
You will probably notice that in Bhagavad-gita there is no confusion. Yes, the devatas exist but Krishna says He is the chief and so give everything to Me. Those who are less intelligent influenced by lust will worship the devas, but actually it’s meant for Me. So, it’s not confusing; it’s very clear. Even if we think it’s confusing, take the last thing what Krishna said, ‘Abandon all varieties of concocted ideas and follow Me.’ Krishna operates above a nested hierarchy of consciousness. Outside of India, people are given the impression that Hinduism means there are so many Gods.  The problem in India is people are not getting a proper and authentic idea of Bhagavad-Gita; therefore Prabhupada gave us Bhagavad-Gita As It Is and not Bhagavad-Gita as we would like it to be.  In Bhagavad-Gita Krishna says, Man mana bhava mad-bhakto; Always think of Me – everything becomes crystal clear.

Q7. In this world, there are different names of Krishna like Maakhan Chor, Shyam, Krishna. In BG, Krishna tells Arjuna when you are counting your last breath, take My name. What is the original name of Krishna? Before Mahabharata, Krishna’s name was not Krishna. So what is His original name; not a physical name.
Krishna’s name is not a material name. In Padma Purana it is said Nama cintamani Krsnah, caitanya rasa-vigrahah, purna-suddha nitya-mukto abhinatvad nama naminoh – Holy Name of Krishna is like touchstone, it is a form of blissful spiritual mellow, full and complete, it is perfect and eternally free from material contamination. Why? Because Krishna’s name is not different from Krishna.  Understanding Krishna begins from the tongue. People want to see God, but why only seeing when there are other senses? One can hear God. Actually Krishna has no name. Why? Because He has unlimited activities so His names are unlimited. Of all the unlimited names, Krishna is the chief name. The name Krishna reveals the Lord in His enjoying capacity. 

Q8.  We have loving propensities because Krishna has boy and girl relationships. He has Hladini Shakti and so He does not have to go outside. What is Hladini Shakti?
Krishna and His pleasure potency – Sita Ram; Laxmi Narayana; Radha-Krishna. When a devotee attains pure love of God, Krishna is showering his Hladini Shakti on the devotee. Krishna’s dearest  devotee becomes pleased with a devotee and recommends that devotee to Krishna.

Q9. Real love is loving Krishna. But we are bombarded with TV, Movies, opposite sex around us. So, how to shift that attraction for Krishna?
If every morning you chant your Japa with attention then you will find that you are protected throughout the day. We don’t understand the number one spot that Japa should occupy. If you give Japa the top spot during the day, you will be protected by the onslaughts of material nature. That way, the devotee will attract the mercy of Krishna. Then Krishna will see that the devotee is serious about serving Me, and Krishna will not only protect the devotee but will show the devotee newer and newer ways of serving Me. That is the life of a devotee. Yes, there are many things but if you are focused on the Holy Name of Krishna, then you will not be capsized by these things. 

[Adapted from a Lecture by HH Devamrita Swami at Prerana Festival, Mumbai]

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