Sunday, 8 July 2012

Real goal of Religion - to always remember God


Krishna appeared as Mahaprabhu with the sentiments and complexion of Radharani to give the highest ecstatic rasa to anyone without considering their qualification or disqualification.

Unless theoretical knowledge is applied to our life, there will be no realization.

Krishna does not require our scholarship; He knows everything.

When a devotee honestly and sincerely tries to please the Lord, the Lord accepts the position of being conquered by that devotee.

Knowledge is to understand that we are eternally part and parcel of Krishna.

Conditioned life means to think we are this body and to act according to the interests of this body. To think we are this body and act to serve the purposes of the mind and body, it is illusion.

Less intelligent people think religion is something beside our normal routine life. Actually, everything we do, it has to be on the service of God- that is applied knowledge.

How to apply these spiritual endeavors is that one who actually understands Bhagavad-gita is striving and struggling to serve Krishna at every moment. When you serve God, you will not be appreciated by people as everyone is too much engrossed in materialism.

Mode of ignorance - people like violence
Mode of passion - sex, making money
Mode of goodness - charity, nice classical music
All this is material as it is concerned with body and mind. But Krishna says all that is to be done, should be done as an offering to the Lord.

People will find this crazy and will create so many philosophies to satisfy their mind and senses.

Sense gratification and devotional service to the Lord are opposites.

Some people believe that work is worship.  Krishna told Arjuna in what consciousness we are meant to perform our duty. He is teaching us the application of spirituality in our daily life.

Whatever our varna and ashrams may be, our goal should be to purify our heart and serve Krishna.

Krishna teaches us that we should learn to always remember Him. The older you get, the faster your life passes. Pada pada yad vipadam  na tesam- the success of life is not how much money you have, all these things will be washed away by the waves of time as at the time of death everything is striped away. We may have wonderful family, homes- all this is extinguished at the time of death.

Purpose of life is to remember Krishna at the time of death and all our relatives in past and present get liberated-that is compassion.

All relative responsibilities should be related to Krishna.

While we work for money, we should understand that this money will be used for Krishna. To facilitate a home which is temple of Krishna. To buy foodstuffs offered to Krishna. To offer charity so that others can get Krishna.

Prabhupada was very tolerant of whatever fallen condition a soul would be but the knowledge he gave, was without compromise.

A person who teaches fruitive activities to be real religion is cheating you. Whatever our level of consciousness is, we should be striving for perfection.

- HH Radhanath Swami

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