Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Choosing to Depend on Krishna

Glories of Qunti Devi

When we independently choose to be dependent on Krishna, we become successful. When we misuse our free will and choose to be the controller and not be controlled by Krishna, all material miseries and illusions will follow. To accept the truth that we are completely dependent on Krishna.

When we have Krishna we have everything, if we don't have Krishna we have nothing.

A mother always boasts about the qualities of her children like beauty, education, fame and piety done. Queen Kunti on the other hand having Pandavas as her sons always said that my sons have no power but  but it is all the power of Krishna.

Queen Kunti prays that without Krishna all material opulences like wealth, education, good birth and parentage, beauty, knowledge are all a big ZERO. I am nothing without Krishna.

'This whole world is void without you Govinda' - When we chant in a helpless state of mind and when we realize that we are dependent on Krishna for our every breath, then we can chant the Holy Name properly.

The crocodile was holding onto the lotus feet of Gajendra because Gajendra was surrendering to the lotus feet of the Lord. That way when the Lord appeared, even Gajendra was delivered. So we should always hold on the association of the Devotees.

The goal of life is wholesale dependance on Krishna. For one who has shelter of Krishna pada pada yad vipadam na tesam; this material world where at every step there is danger, will become a place where there is no danger.

Devotional Service is the best way we can serve the Lord and it is the greatest fortune and wealth.

The only fear of a devotee is the fear of forgetting Krishna and serve the illusory energy.

Those who are completely dependent on Krishna, Krishna never leaves such a devotee.

Our only purpose of living is to develop complete attachments and dependence on Krishna with no ego and aspirations.

Srila Prabhupada capturing the essence performed so many sacrifices and we have inherited that mission. We should be willing to accept whatever sacrifice to help those people who are engulfed in the illusion of material life.

- HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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