Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Got Married, Get Spiritual!

There is more to marriage than romance. I remember as an eight year old seeing my parents consider divorce. I cried and later, both of them discussed about us - their children's future- and vowed to remain together for our sake. Romance in a marriage comes and goes. It's the heart to heart connection to a higher sense of responsibility that keeps the spark in a relationship burning. Then even the difficulties provide rich lessons to serve together.

The higher spiritual principle of marriage is seen in the vows the couple takes. Traditionally marriages were held in a temple or a place of worship so that the Lord sees us take the vow and helps the couple centre their lives on service to God and humanity.

Mother nature teaches us that the best of all jewels, the diamond and gold, are purified when put under high pressure or put in fire. Similarly by faithfully passing through the good and the bad times; the easy and hard times and being with each other, that's what marriage is meant to be and internalizing this principle transforms marriage into a sacred act and makes one spiritually perfect.

Each of the partners in marriage considers the other to be a child of God, entrusted in his or her care. How you treat your partner is how God will receive you; how you speak, treat and protect each other on the physical, emotional and spiritual level is how you will make spiritual progress. The foundational structure of a spiritual marriage is respect, forgiveness, appreciation for each other, and the serious responsibility to make the other person happy.

It’s practice of these principles that make married life a divine, spiritual experience.

- HH Radhanath Swami

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