Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Envy is Demoniac

If Krishna is pleased with us only then will our life be successful. Krishna can empower us only if we believe in the power of Krishna and live our life by the principles with sincerity.

How Krishna is pleased by the quality of a devotee - the quality to appreciate, love and glorify other devotees.

Prahalada was never envious of Vaisnavas like the other asuras - if we are envious of a Vaisnava then we are Asura.

Envy of a Vaisnava is a demoniac quality. We have so many demons in our heart; Vaisnava means not be envious.Envy of any living being is the envy of God.

The quickest way to become a pure devotee is to chant Hare Krishna sincerely and appreciating and glorifying the Vaisnavas.

What to do if we have envy which is due to so much past conditioning? We should see the problems in ourself  by not intentionally dwelling on that envy but trying to overcome it.

Blaspheming Vaisnavas is the poison which will kill your spiritual quality and glorifying the devotees is the nectar which will kill all the bad qualities one has. Prajalpa - good devotional qualities that we have cultivated they all are lost through the mouth.

By trying to uplift people's perception of another Vaisnava- this is what a Vaisnava is. That is a test of our spiritual progress; if we feel happiness by hearing the progress and uplift meant / glories of another devotee. If we feel envy, then we are diseased.

- HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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