Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Cold Shower

Why are we chanting japa? Why don’t we just chant with music all the time? When we are chanting in kirtan, we are being carried by others enthusiasm, by the whole atmosphere that is created and we are just going along with that and we feel very enlivened. When we are chanting japa, we are going alone before Krsna, it’s us before Krsna and we get exposed. It’s like a cold shower almost, like a reality check- we see who we really are! The mind goes everywhere and there we are facing our own shortcomings much more direct. So it is of course what has been given to us by the acaryas. We see that in the Adi purana it is said that it is our time where we are directly associating with Krsna, we are alone with Krsna. So at that time we have to really leave everything behind and just say, ‘okay I’m going before Krsna and I’m making my offering.’

(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, August 2010, Sweden)

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  1. Not only infront of the deities but also in front of the munis(as per your posts sometime ago 3 people cannot be seen 1. Muni 2.Weak 3.Snake's eyes) or maharajas, we cannot see them with our face because of our faults and desires to enjoy the senses.