Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What is the Difficulty?

Don't loose the opportunity of huam life. Practice bhakti-yoga, be Krishna Conscious and make your life succesful. Our mission is to teach this science. It is not a business - "Give me some money, I will teach you." The knowledge is free. We are simply encouraing everyone, "Chant teh Hare Krishna Mantra." What is the difficulty?

Simply Chant Hare Krishna and Dance. Why go to some club to dance? The whole family can chant and dance at home. You will be happy. Then you will understand your constitutional position as servants of Krishna. This is the mission of human life: to understand our position as servants of the Lord. This understanding naturally results in vairagya, detachment.

One is actually poor who is poor in transcendental knowledge. Material poverty is no consideration. That may come or go and one has to tolerate. And even if we have money, we will be unhappy if we are poor in transcendental knowldege. Therefore transcedental knowledge is real wealth. We ahve been entangled in material life, repeated birth and death due to attachment.  Therefore we must attain detachment for materialistic way of life so that we can end this changing from one body to another.

- Srila Prabhupada

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