Saturday, 14 April 2012

Advancement in Spiritual Life

Srila Haridas Thakur in Lord Caitanya's company

The following section is taken from Chapter 16 of Adi-kanda of Caitanya Bhagavat, translated by Kusakratha Prabhu. It discloses *unique* direct teachings of Haridas Thakur to conditioned souls.

When he came there, with a glance of mercy Haridasa looked at all the prisoners. Seeing Haridasa Thakura's feet, everyone bowed down to offer respect. Haridasa's eyes were lotus flower. His face was a moon. His arms reached to his knees. His every feature was charming and handsome. No one was like him. Devotedly bowing down before Haridasa, the prisoners manifested all the symptoms of ecstatic love for Lord Krsna (sattvika- bhava). Seeing the advanced devotional service of the prisoners, Haridasa mercifully smiled at them. Smiling, he happily spoke this hidden benediction: "Stay. Stay as you are. May you always be as you are now." Not understanding the hidden meaning of these words, the prisoners became a little unhappy at heart. Then Haridasa mercifully explained the true meaning of that hidden benediction.

He said, "I have given you a blessing. But, not understanding its meaning, you are now unhappy. I did not give you a bad benediction. Please give this some thought and try to understand it. Now your hearts are attached to Lord Krsna. Please remain like that at every moment. Always gather together, chant Krsna's names, and remember Krsna. Remain like this at every moment. Never hurt anyone. Never trouble anyone. Instead, always think of Krsna and always, in a plaintive voice, call out 'Krsna!' Forget about material pleasures. Flee the company of wicked men. If you stay with material pleasures you will not attain love for Lord Krsna. Stay far away from materialists. Always think of Lord Krsna. A heart attached to sense pleasures brings only trouble. Sense pleasures are a trap that catches men and women. Sense pleasures lead to destruction. By divine arrangement a fortunate person attains the association of sincere devotees. He turns from material senses pleasures and worships Lord Krsna. However, if one commits offenses, he will return to materialistic life. Please hear about this. The benediction that I spoke did not mean, `May you remain prisoners.' Rather, day and night I give the benediction, `May you forget material sense pleasures'. Playing with words, I actually gave that benediction. Please do not feel even half a sesame-seed's worth of unhappiness. I place a glance of mercy on all spirit souls. 'May you attain firm devotion to Lord Krsna ' is the real benediction I give to you. Please don't worry. In two or three days you will be released from prison. This I tell you. Stay in a situation of material happiness, or stay in any situation, but do not forget these truths."

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