Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How a surrendered soul thinks ..

A person who is surrendered he never takes credit for anything. That is the meaning of being surrendered. When we want to take credit that means that we are not surrendered. “I have done this! I have done this!” But a surrendered soul, how will he think? “Somehow I got this opportunity to do this job, but he, my master, has provided me with all the facilities.” Like, I was talking about that person from America, who came to India to set up a big project for a big company. Now he’ll naturally think that, “I am simply an employee,” He is not thinking that, “I am the creator of this project.” “I am an employee. The company sent me here. The ticket to come to India was given by the company. When I came people were there to receive me, they took me to the hotel. That hotel was also booked by the company. Then I started the project, all the money came from the company, and that is how I have been able to do it.” Or if he thinks that, “Well, I have done this, so I am the enjoyer”, then what will happen? Then what will happen? Immediately the company will kick him out. They’ll say, “You rascal! You think that you are the proprietor. Get lost!” [laughs] So that’s what happens in the material nature also in a bigger sense. The moment we think that we are the proprietor, then Krishna kicks us out and says, “Okay, now you are on your own. Do it! Let’s see.” And we try to enjoy, what do we get when we try to enjoy? When we try to enjoy we get the sufferings inflicted by maya: “Oh, you want to enjoy?!” So maya just keeps beating us again and again, whereas a surrendered soul he becomes dear to Krishna.

- HH Bhakti Charu Swami

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