Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happiness by Surrendering to Krishna

- If we remember that Krishna is the most well-wishing friend; if we have that faith -we will never have to suffer again.

- This material world is a place of suffering where people futily struggle hard to try and find some temporary happiness and are ultimately smahsed by Maya and have to suffer birth after birth. A Vaisnava is para dukha-dukhi. Vausdeva Datta prayed that let me suffer for eternity in hell by taking the karma of all the people and let them be liberated.

- To serve Krsna with love is our consitutional position. We come to this world and remain in this world because we want to exploit that which is meant for Krishna.

- Surrendering to Krishna comes through the volunatry sweet will of this soul. When we make this decision; that from this day on I am for You Krishna, to utilize according to Your sweet will - one is liberated.

- Talking about surrender is one thing but actually surrendering is very deep. Guru and Krishna are telling us what to do through disciplic succession and actual surrender beings after that point. And then we realize that we actually have to surrender our false ego that I am the enjoyer.

- In this material world everyone is fearful - padam padam yad vipadam. Everything is so uncertain - our wife,husband,children,money,prestige including our own body and self is just like a drop of water tottering on a lotus petal and that drop of water will fall and disappear at any moment. Srila Prabhupada compared attachments in this material world to foaming bubbles on the surface of the ocean which at any moment will burst into oblivion.

- Srila Prabhupada says that material life is a dead body flapping for a few minutes only. Yet human life is so precious that while we are flapping we can experience the unlimited oceanic bliss of Krishna Consciousness if we flap in the right way. If we just use this dead corpse by clapping our hands in Kirtan for Krishna, dancing for Krishna, speaking about Krishna, hearing about Krishna - The greatest treasure of all treasures is available.

- Nobody can even begin to explain the immense and unlimited glories of Krishna. However, it's our duty to to try our best according to our capacity and that is the perfection of our life. Whether you are like Hanuman lifting a mountain or a little spider just kicking specks of sand, if we just try to glorify Krishna according to our capacity - that is the perfection of our life.

- If anyone thinks they are great in their glorification of Krishna, it means they don't know Krishna at all. The more you know Krishna the more you realize how utterly insignificant you are. The more you know Krishna you realize how much you do not know about Krishna. 

- What is trnad-api su-nicena? This is the quality of someone who knows Krishna.  

By HH Radhanath Swami

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