Sunday, 29 April 2012

Chandan Yatra Darshan from Sri Vrindavan Dhaam - 30.04.2012

You should study only the one truth - Krishna's feet. One who knows that truth has the ornament of devotion for the Lord. (Text 11)

The sastras describe that anything other than this is ignorance. Do not study anything other than devotion to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna! (Text 12)

Persons intoxicated with pride in their learning, wealth, and birth do not attain Krishna. By devotional service one easily attains Krishna, the Lord of the Yadus. (Text 13)

Krishna is conquered by the nectar of devotional service. To prove this I quote these words from the sastras: (Text 14)

Where was the hunter Dharma's piety, Dhruva's maturity, and Gajendra's knowledge? Where was Kubja's beauty? Where was Sudama's wealth? Where was Vidura's noble birth? Where was Ugrasena's chivalrous strength? Lord Madhava is pleased only by devotional service and not by material qualifications. (Text 15)

Quoting Rupa Goswami's Padyavali, text 8
--Adapted from Srila Lochan Das Thakur's Caitanya-mangala, Madhya 1.11-15

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