Saturday, 28 April 2012

Keeping a Cool Mind while working hard to achieve things

Q. If a person has set an aim to achieve,(something) which is rather difficult, and is working hard to achieve this, is it okay for that person to get irritated and rude when dealing with their loved ones, or being selfish to an extent? How can they deal with the different pressures they have to face and keep a cool and composed mind?

HH Romapada Swami: It is neither justified, nor is it really necessary, to yield to the pushings of anger, irritation or harshness, under any circumstances. A thoughtful person should avoid the trap of the mode of passion, of which these pushings are the symptoms. The modes of passion and ignorance always lead to misery in the long run.

A thoughtful person is enjoined to cultivate the mode of goodness, and not to strive for extravagant goals beyond one's reach. Over-endeavoring for gains (prayasa), beyond what can be achieved by virtuous and natural means, can destroy all good qualities. Particularly in relation to achievements in the material sphere, as well as in regard to one's commitments towards spiritual life, a spiritualist is recommended to be dutiful but detached, being satisfied with whatever results come of their own accord after one's honest efforts.

Victory is always on the side of virtue. Our real aim and best efforts must be to act virtuously, and to please the Supreme Lord Krishna, rather than to achieve a specific goal. By acting virtuously, which includes being respectful and considerate to everyone at all times, one's efforts will finally be rewarded with success, beyond what can be accomplished by pushing one's way ahead unmindful of all other considerations.

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