Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Becoming Sinless

No one can become sinless on his own. One cannot decide that, ‘from today on I will be sinless.’ It doesn’t work like that. One might temporarily give up some sinful activities, like on the 1st of January, people have all these good promises like, ‘I’ll stop smoking, I’ll stop this…and I’ll start…’ so many things. But on the 2nd of January it gets tough and if you make it to the 3rd then you’re doing extremely good! So it is like that. Some people are extremely determined and they can give up some sinful activities. Someone can say, ‘I’ll stop smoking…’ and then smoke the last and then finished! Very determined, but all this is not durable. Just by a good decision, good intentions and so on, one cannot become sinless. It won’t work. Well many of us might of thought of many things we could do to become sinless. But the only real way to become sinless is to engage in constant devotional service. That’s the only way to become sinless- to hear about Krsna, to glorify Krsna, to serve Krsna in some way or another- all the time! As we increase that devotional service, all the sinfulness is pushed out of our life, permanently!

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