Monday, 26 December 2011

Krishna waits for our Sincere Desire!

We are all under the modes of material nature. We are born, we get our education and get successfully brainwashed. We are forced to grow and forced to die. If we want to return to our original enlightened stage, we must be very very determined. We must pray to Krsna, please help me. I am fully under the laws of nature.

When Krsna sees our sincere desire, he makes a wonderful arrangement. From within our heart he hears. He cannot be cheated. He waits for our sincere desire to awaken and then He will guide us. He will arrange our life in such a way that we don’t entangle ourselves. He comes like a thief in the night. We don’t see him but all of a sudden our life goes in a certain direction.

Whenever we try to be very successful in illusion, then everything goes wrong but Whenever we go towards Krsna then everything goes right. So Krsna arranges many things because He loves us. When He sees a little sincerity, He intervenes and makes us meet the devotees or attracts us to read books about Him. We then get free from bad habits and become steady. No matter what happens, the devotee then will be very steady and will feel some higher taste.

Even if the devotee is offered a million dollars to leave Krsna, He will never give up. Then he will develop the genuine love. This happens with a sincere desire.

How to develop this desire?

In two ways.

  1. Either maya kicks us and finally we say, I can’t stand this anymore, please take me Krsna. That may take many lifetimes. But if we want to become Krsna Conscious, why not do it in this life?
  2. Oe if we hear about Krsna, we become attracted to his divine qualities. Krsna invites us, just hear about me and become attracted to me. Nice Prasadam, good association, wonderful knowledge and successful life. Please don’t fool around for too long.
Although he intervenes, ultimately he waits for our desire. Krsna does not force anyone.

- HH Sacinandana Swami

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