Sunday, 25 December 2011


Srila Prabhupada graphically described how the material world was a miserable place, replete with anxieties. From the big controllers, down to the insignificant ant, Prabhupada said, life was a struggle. "Even President Nixon, he is also full of anxieties: 'When shall I be dethroned? Let me take protection.' And the ant -- the ant is going, you stop it by your finger. He will struggle: 'Why you are stopping?'

Why so much anxiety? The reason, Prabhupada pointed out, was due to misplaced love and affection. "Because we are missing God, we are loving this thing, that thing and then frustration. That very love which is reserved for God, we are applying it to this material world. 'I love my country. I love my society, I love my family, I love my dog, I love my ' I love. But I'm missing whom to love. That is the point. I'm placing my love in so many things, and I am becoming frustrated. So when we understand that love is meant for God, that is our perfection of life, and if you love God, then you love everyone. That is perfect love. Without loving God. Just like you are the son of your father. So when you love your father, naturally you love your brothers also because you know, 'My father will be pleased'. So this is love. That universal love can be possible when you actually love God, samah sarvesu bhutesu.

"On the material platform that is not possible. But a devotee, a pure lover of God, he loves everyone. Just like we are. Because we have tried to love God, therefore we are wandering, touring all over the world, with the same message, 'Please try to love God'. We have no other message because we have understood, to some extent, that without love of God, they are suffering. So they will be happy when they begin to love God. This is our mission."

From "The Great Transcendental Adventure" by HG Kurma Prabhu

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