Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Who is Krishna?

Columbus Reporter: Are you buddhist?

Prabhupada: Buddhist and Mayavadi philosophies externally deny the existence of God. One says there is no God and other says God is formless or impersonal, but we Vaisnava devotees are personal. We serve the person Krishna and by this we are eternal gainers. Service, as you know, it is not a very pleasant thing in this world, but service to Krishna is different. If you render Him service, you'll be satisfied, Krishna will be satisfied, everyone will be satisfied.

Reporter: Who is this Krishna?

Prabhupada: By Krishna, we refer to God, Bhagavan, The Supreme Person. This Bhagavad Gita is most important. You should read it carefully. We dont have to speculate or read hundreds of books. If we understand just this one book, we understand everything. Give up your mental specualtion. The laws of material nature are kicking us at every moment and we are not the ultimate Supreme Person. So just try to hear about the Supreme from the right source.

Hare Krishna Explosion Ch16: Krishna the flower bearing spring

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