Thursday, 1 December 2011

Four Types of Anarthas (Unnecessary Things)

By Bhaktivinoda Thakur

1. Weakness of heart
The four types of weakness are:

1) Attachment to objects not related to Krishna
2) Deceitfulness or fault-finding
3) Enviousness
4) Desire for fame

2. Aparadha - all kinds of offenses
The four types of offenses are:
1) Offenses to the holy name
2) Offenses to the Deity
3) Offenses to the devotees
4) Offenses to other living entities
3. Asat-trsna - material desires
The four types of material desires are:
1) Desire for material objects
2) Desire for heavenly comforts
3) Desire for mystic powers
4) Desire for liberation
4. Tattva-vibhrama - illusion about spiritual knowledge
The four types of illusion are:
1) Illusion about one's own identity
2) Illusion about the Supreme Lord
3) Illusion about the processes of sadhana and prema-bhakti
4) Illusion regarding subjects unfavorable to Krishna consciousness
The creeper of devotion can never grow as long as one cannot give up these anarthas.

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