Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pure Devotion is transcendental to Knowledge


Pradyumna: Is there a difference in the quality of service between a person who is, just accepts outright Krsna, service to Krsna, and one who wants to scrutinize and inquire more and more about it, between someone who just accepts, "That's it, this and this," and someone who inquires more and more?

Prabhupada: One who loves Krsna without inquiry, that is nice position. To inquire about Krsna is knowledge. And pure devotion is transcendental to knowledge.

Love does not depend on the greatness. If a boy loves a girl or the girl loves a boy, even in this material field, it does not depend on the greatness of the boy. Of course, here everything is on material consideration. But actual love is without any consideration, what He is or what He isn't. That is real love. That is the perfectional stage of love, without inquiring how great He is or what He is. But for the neophytes it is necessary to know about Krsna. Because we have no love, so if we understand that Krsna is so great, then gradually we can love. Our position is different because when... Therefore Caitanya-caritamrta, it is said that siddhanta boliya citte na kara alasa: "Try to understand about Krsna." Just like Krsna is explaining in Bhagavad-gita that "I am this amongst the trees. I am this. I am this planet. Amongst this, I am this. I am this." So just to impress upon the neophyte devotees about the greatness... And those who are advanced devotees, they do not want to see whether Krsna is great or small. They simply love Him. That's all. That is pure love. In Vrndavana, at least
these gopis, they never saw Krsna's any jugglery or any greatness. But they still love, pure love.

Pure love means
anukulyena krsnanu
silanam bhaktir uttama
 [Brs. 1.1.11]
Without any cultivation of knowledge, without any activities of fruitive action, without any desire, simply to love Krsna in order to please Him -- that is the highest perfectional stage of devotion. There is no consideration "Whether Krsna is God or not, whether we are getting benefit or not." "Simply we love Krsna." That is the perfectional stage.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Questions and Answers -- September 6, 1968, New York

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