Thursday, 26 January 2012

Do you want to go your Mother?

Krsna’s pastimes in Vraja are filled with loving sweetness evoked by the Vrajavasis. What sweet mood would cause the Supreme Personality of Godhead to utter the words, “Do you want to go to your mother?”
Srila Jiva Gosvami describes kumara Krsna’s playing with Balarama and Their friends in the Vrindavana forest just after they have begun to care for the young calves.

Sri Jiva describes:
“After arranging that the calves eat the green grass that surrounded them, the boys playing until lunchtime. At that time Krsna and Balarama played Their flutes. They and Their friends hurled fruit and other projectiles at each other, kicked each other with angling-anklet-adorned feet, and enjoyed mock-fighting pastimes in imitation of bulls fighting amongst themselves.

They enjoyed water-pastimes, and, decorating themselves with forest-ornaments, They wandered about. The two brothers became filled with wonder upon seeing the varieties birds and animals within the forest. They playfully began imitating the sounds of the animals, but when They imitated the roar of some dangerous forest-beast, Their friends became, for a moment, frightened. They then enjoyed pastimes of wrestling. Grabbing each others’ heels, they made a great commotion.

Krsna and Balarama continued to watch as the calves ate grass and drank water. Krsna approached one calf, massaged the calf’s face and limbs, hugged the calf, and said in the calf’s ear, “Do you want to go to your mother? I will take you to her.”

- By HG Bhurijana Das

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