Friday, 27 January 2012

A Devotee is always Joyful .. :)

Srila Prabhupada Lecture on SB 1.2.20 -- Vrndavana, October 31, 1972:
When one has realized Brahman, prasannātmā, prasannātmā, brahma-bhūtaḥ prasannātmā... Here also it is said, evaṁ prasanna-manasaḥ. The same thing you will find everywhere. There cannot be any contradiction. Prasanna-manasa and prasannātmā, the same thing. So how one can become prasannātmā or prasanna-manasa? That is described here. Bhagavad-bhakti-yogataḥ. Evaṁ prasanna-manaso bhagavad-bhakti-yogataḥ [SB 1.2.20]. If you accept bhagavad-bhakti-yoga, devotional service to the Lord, you shall be prasanna-manasa. You shall be always feeling jolly. If I am not jolly, if I am not prasanna-manasa, that means māyā has attacked me. A bhagavad-bhakta shall never be aprasanna, not joyful. Always joyful. If he is actually in contact with Kṛṣṇa, how he can become morose? No. If he is morose, if he is unhappy, that means māyā has attacked him. This is the test

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