Saturday, 7 January 2012

Temples and Devotees

By HH Radhanath Swami

We’re distributing so many tens and millions of books all over the world and we must continue doing so. But when people take interest in the book and decide let me go to the temple, their philosophy makes sense, this is changing my life, I want to do it, I want to learn how, I need people to show me to live by these books and when Krishna sees that interest, He sends them to the temple.
And unless we’re prepared to welcome, to greet them, and teach them how to live by these books, they will never make much spiritual advancement.

Because in the books it says, you must have the association of devotees.

Our temples, it is so very important that we learn the science of properly giving and receiving the association of devotees. Actually every guest that comes is Krishna’s specially invited guest. And it is our duty to give them every possible opportunity to make spiritual advancement. It is the first priority.

Why are we spending so much money building big big beautiful beautiful temples all over the world. It is to attract people to come. It is not just to attract them to come, it’s to attract them to come but also to meet devotees and learn how to surrender to Krishna. If after spending millions of dollars to build temples, and when people come and we don’t have time to teach them how to be devotees, because we need to pay the bills, better we stay in the little storefront or better we don’t even have any temples. Just sit on the street and meet people and teach them how to become devotees.

And this is a fact. But BEST, we have our beautiful temples and we have beautiful devotees to say HARI BOL ! Welcome. Please meet our deities.

Please chant Krishna’s name and be happy. Have prasadam my friend … Haribol! Who would want to even leave such a temple. We should be blissful … ”

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