Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Why did Lord Kapiladeva Come?

Why did Lord Kapiladeva come ?

He came to give transcendental knowledge to the misguided conditioned souls. The living entities lost the
understanding of Krishna. There was no way the people could actually understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead because they became very, they became very philosophically inclined, very mental, intellectually.

So Kapiladeva came and through this intellectual endeavor He made them understand God. You are saying God, you don’t, you are not interested in God because you cannot see Him, okay come, I’ll prove that God is there. So, that’s what Kapila did through Sankhya philosophy. If you want to, philosophy means, trying to understand things with your mental ability, intellectual ability. Philosophy means, philosophy is the process of
understanding things with your own ability, with your own perception, with your own intellect. Therefore, they come up with different ideas, because different people have different perceptions. But Kapiladeva came through that process, through that process of assimilating knowledge, come to the conclusion that the Lord is there.

And what is the conclusion, okay analyze the entire material creation the entire material world has been analyzed. The other day we discussed, how many of you remember ? With how many elements the material, how many considerations, the entire material creation has been analyzed ?

Devotees: twenty four
HH BCS : So tell me how, what are those twenty four ?

Devotee. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, then five senses, then sense objects.
HH BCS : How many ?
Devotee?. Fifteen
HH BCS : No, sense objects is how many ?
Devotee…. five
HH BCS : Okay, fifteen, okay, then ? Five working senses! How many ?
Devotee: five
HH BCS : Okay, fifteen ? Okay, then ? Five working senses, how many ? Twenty, okay, then ?
Devotee : Then, mind, intelligence, false ego.
HH BCS :  Twenty three
Devotee : Twenty three
HH BCS :  And then ?
Devotee…. Mahattatva
HH BCS : Twenty four, entire material nature has been analyzed.

But where were you ? (laughs) That’s what Kapila, that is, the point is, He is raising, okay the whole material nature has been analyzed, but the material, this is being experienced by whom ? By the individual. So where is the individual ? Could He find the individual in the material nature ? No.

So, where is he found ? Beyond material nature. So, individual, therefore is non material. So, we see that how they transcended the material nature and came to the spiritual platform. Then, we all are individuals. So, do we have an origin ? So who is the origin of all individuals? Krishna. So, twenty six. So, Krishna is established. Ok, so that is the real sankhya. So, in this way, Kapiladeva made even the atheistic people recognize the existence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

In the mode of goodness, people tend can become too much involved in, in austerities and pious, piety for their personal elevation. So that is also another mistake. Like, forgetting Krishna they are trying to enjoy themselves, elevating to the heavenly planets. When you read the scriptures, you see specially Ramayan, you see all these sages were performing such severe austerities just to become elevated to the heavenly planets. Hardly anyone was actually pursuing devotional service. So,that means they were in mode of goodness but they were not involved in devotional service so Kapiladeva came and gave them the process of devotional service.


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