Sunday, 25 March 2012

Do Animals have a soul?

Yes, animals also have soul and this fact can be easily realized by carefully considering the following points:

1. Primal needs: Humans have four primal needs that animals also have. Humans eat, animals eat; humans sleep, animals sleep; human needs companionship with opposite sex so also does animals; humans fear and defend themselves and animals also fear and defend themselves.

2. Six transformations: Every living entity goes through six transformations: It comes into being, remains for sometimes, grows, produces by-products, gradually dwindles, and then finally vanishes into oblivion. This cycle of six transformations is seen even in animals.

3. Consciousness: Symptom of soul is consciousness and consciousness is expressed through thinking, feeling, willing which again is common to both humans and animals.

Humans have superior intelligence than animals therefore we think that animals have no soul. This superior intelligence however is meant for realizing God and our relationship with Him, which the animals cannot do because the degree of covering of the soul is greater in them. The soul in the animal body gets covered more then in the human body. Bhagavad-Gita 3.38 states, “As fire is covered by smoke, mirror is covered by dust, and embryo is covered by womb. Similarly, a living entity gets covered by different degrees”. Fire covered by smoke is analogous to covering of human beings. Mirror covered by dust is analogous to covering of soul in animal body, and embryo covered by womb is analogous to covering of the soul in plants and trees bodies. Just as smoke, dust and embryo are progressively thicker coverings, human body, animal body and plant body are progressively thicker coverings on the soul. That is why although the soul in animals and humans is of the same kind; we humans alone can express the soul’s innate search for spirituality.


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