Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Shelter of the Lord's Mercy

Overcoming Sense Gratification by taking shelter of the Lord's mercy (Lessons from the story of Dhruva Maharaj)

Material desires can easily draw us to the position of being taken far from the path of devotional life. A sincere devotee is quite aware of this danger, and takes all precautions to not indulge; even a small indulgence very quickly draws one into significant foolishness! To receive the Lord's protection from these desires, we need to be very very sincere in our purpose! Due to the amazingly merciful nature the Supreme Lord, recognizing our deeper sincerity of purpose, He may, according to His sweet will, both provide us with the means to see our desires fulfilled (as the cow supplies milk to the calf), but also supply protection from the sense gratification component of consciousness when coming in contact with the very object of those desires (as the cow protects her calf).

Dhruva recognizes this amazingly merciful nature of the Lord, just by dint of the purity he has received from the mercy which came from Narada, and the purification received from the devotional service rendered under the direction of Narada. He is feeling *extremely grateful* for this mercy of Narada! To qualify ourselves for this unique mercy of the Lord, as Dhruva did, what must each of us do? We must place ourselves in the care of Sri Naradaji or his representative, which means we must sincerely carry out the instructions we receive from such representative, stirred by feelings of great gratitude in our hearts for the mercy received. That was Dhruva's qualification, and it needs to become ours.

- HH Romapada Swami

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