Sunday, 25 March 2012

Why does religion cause communal wars?

Question: Religion is supposed to bring peace and harmony; then why do they cause communal wars?
Religion doesn’t cause communal wars rather it is the improper understanding and following that causes wars. First of all we have to understand that only Supreme Lord can give principles of religion not anybody and everybody. And the fundamental principle of any bona fide religion is that one should love God with their heart and soul prema pumartho mahan. Furthermore such religion delineates the basic understanding of our identity as spirit soul, being different from the inert matter constituting the material bodies.

People with strong ego use religion as the means, not to increase their love for God, but to feed their ego by trying to prove themselves superior to others “My religion is better than yours and so I am better than you”. But those who have developed their love for God they are not interested in proving superiority of their path rather they are simply interested in treading the path and increasing their love for Godhead and inspiring others to do the same. Such saintly personalities have no attraction for worldly allurements like treasure, pleasure, positions and possessions. Because of their true love for God all good qualities like: humility, gentleness selflessness, compassion, tolerance, friendliness towards all living entities manifest in them. Possessing such qualities they become very loving and loveable to people regardless of their caste, creed, sex, religion and other external factors. Such saints radiate love and joy by their words and actions, and inspire others to become similar sharers of love and joy. Wisdom, shelter and guidance offered by these saints help resolve conflicts and heal hearts – individually, socially and globally.

Today the world greatly needs such sincere spiritualists who want to improve, not prove their superiority over others who want to improve the quality of their own devotion and service to God.


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