Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Potency of Chanting the Holy Name Purely

When we chant in a pure stage, we are connected with Krishna.
It is mentioned in Harinama Cintamani that the root cause of all 10 offenses is inattentive chanting. If we are not hearing (not mindless hearing but mindful hearing), if mind is hovering on different objects when we are chanting then it is not chanting; It is only alphabets coming out.
The greatest offense in chanting is to neglect the instruction of the spiritual master. Everything coming from the spiritual master, little or big instruction should be taken seriously and should be our life & soul. We should always try to develop our love towards our spiritual master. We can do this by following his instructions. We should respect him and give the honor to the spiritual master like how we give to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

What is the best way to control the mind? - by Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur
The easiest way to control the mind is to keep on chanting. Don't stop. If we think, my mind is giving me trouble, I should keep my japa bag for rest, the mind will also rest. No that will not happen. Srila Prabhupada says constant chanting. Even in our sleep we should be chanting. Chanting doesn't mean only with Japa. When we chant 24 hours a day, then our mind will be controlled. BSST says also in order to come for us to the pure stage, we should repent and lament for the things we have done in the past; The offenses and sinful activities we have done in the past.

Another way to be protected and attain pure love is to take shelter of a pure devotee of the Lord. A pure devotee is like a fort. So if we are under the shelter of a bonafide spiritual master or a pure devotee, then we are safe and we can continue with devotional service.
So, while chanting Hare Krishna, we have to give up our material desires and be able to get rid of the offenses and then we go to namabhasa. This is the intermediate stage of chanting. In Nama-apradha one does not get moksha. Whatever our desires are, it will be fulfilled. This is the potency of the Holy Name.

Next, Namabhasa is divided into 4 parts.
1. Chanting but not necessarily intending to commit sinful reactions. (Eg. Ajamila was 92 years old and was chanting the name of his son Narayana all the time and at the same time he was committing sinful activities. However, he was not chanting with an intention to nullify the sinful reactions.)
2. Chanting jokingly (just like when people come to temples and chant or during harinaam)
3. Chanting for some musical performance or theatrical performance (Just like Narada Muni in some movie)
4. Neglectfully Chanting.
So this namabhasa will give dharma,artha,kama and moksha. If we chant in Nama-abhasa, all the sinful reactions from our past are burnt into the roots.

But this is not our goal - to attain dharma, artha, kama and moksha. We chant to only attain more and more service. Some devotees don't mind going to hell as long as they are chanting Hare Krishna and they are broadcasting the glories of the Holy Name. If we are chanting for other reasons, then we will not attain love of God. The Pracetas, when asked by Lord Visnu, what boon they want - they said I only want sadhu-sanga so that they can chant the pure holy name. So when a pure devotee chants or talks, it affects our heart.
When we attain Krishna prema, there is humility, no envy and pridelessness. No more envious mentality - that is the test if we are chanting purely. 

Humility according to Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur - I am a servant of Krishna, spiritual Master and Vaisnavas. When we develop jiva-doya, vaisanava seva and nama-ruci; when we reach that level it means we have love of God. This is the aspiration of a pure devotee and the goal.

Q by a Devotee: Why initially we have some taste in chanting, but as we become senior the taste in chanting decreases?
A. We should always think that 'I am not a devotee.' As soon as we think, I am a devotee, we begin to fall. When a pure devotee approaches Krishna, he does not see himself as a devotee. We should always feel helpless. As soon as we think, I am a senior devotee, I am chanting nice rounds, I can give nice classes and preach nicely, I have read so many books, then that is our fall-down. We should think ourselves as unqualified; then we can advance. We should never think, I've already made it. We should always be struggling to become Krishna Conscious, although we are Krishna conscious. We should remember Krishna is the only master.

By HG Janardhana Prabhu :: Vrindavan (May 01, 2012)

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