Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Inconceivable Lord

It is described that Sri Ram, He built the beautiful bridge across the Indian Ocean. If we want to build a bridge, what do we have to do? We have to get big big construction crew with all kinds of machines & pollute the atmosphere with noise & all sorts of gases. And then we have to take & put pillars going down into the ocean or build the suspension bridges. And how did Ram do it? He simply took rocks, but not ordinary rocks, not like the little rocks that we see in the temple. Because after all He had to get the whole army across the bridge, all at once. He was taking peaks of mountains which were miles & miles wide and tying them together with vines & putting it. And it was all done in a matter of hours. So materialist will think t me sort of mythology, some sort of symbolic fiction, because after all how could these rocks, each one of them must have weighed hundreds of tons. How did they float in water? Is it so difficult to understand?
Srila Prabhupada has explained that right before your eyes God is doing something millions of times greater. Floating something on water is not nearly as difficult as floating something in air. Water has more density than air. And Krishna has taken planets & right before our eyes when we look in the sky, we see the stars. The planet that we are talking & walking on right now is floating in the air. There's no pillar, no suspension bridges. How is it possible? And this earth is one of the smallest planets in the solar system that we know of. The Sun planet is thousands of times larger than this earth. It's since time immemorial for millions & millions of years they are all floating. They never crash into each other; they always keep the exact same distance from one another. And then people will say that's not God, that's gravity. But where does gravity come from? It is just such an incredible invention that keeps these gigantic, enormous bodies of matter moving, rotating perfect order through time immemorial.

That is the direction of Krishna. So for Sri Ram to float these rocks on ocean that was very easy. That was very easy. In fact to float the sun in the air is very easy thing. When Krishna appeared on this earth He lifted the Govardhan hill on the little finger of His left hand for seven days. And He was simply smiling. It was easy. That mountain today is 22 miles around if you want to walk around it. But for Krishna, nothing is difficult. So here we are reading from the Srimad Bhagvatam. And therefore we accept all these stories as history. And however inconceivably wonderful, beyond our imagination the Lord works, it simply increases our appreciation and love for Him. That's why He comes in this world in the first place. How is it that Krishna had 16,108 wives, 16,108 houses & and all His servants and all His relatives they were all living on the island called  Dwaraka there's no room, it will be more  crowded  than Bombay why would He want them in a crazy place like that? But there was plenty room, Krishna could put the whole population of the earth on a needle & there would be plenty room for everybody. Everyone would have 10 acres of land. How is that possible? For Krishna what is impossible? Inconceivable potency, if you could conceive of God, what use is He? He would be like us. We are conceivable. Therefore when a devotee, when he reads these beautiful stories it simply increases his faith & love.

Lord Shri Krsna tells us in the Bhagavad Gita that "for my devotee who surrenders unto me, I will protect what he has and carry what he lacks" .It is the power and the glory of the Vaishnavas. A materialistic person is constantly calculating his past present and future in this world through his sense perception, through what he has learnt through the study of material education. In fact Bhaktivinod Thakur does not have much good to say about material education. There is one beautiful song 'Vidyara vilase' where he explains that he was very scholarly throughout his life, working very hard studying many many books of literature of various sorts. Studying, and obtaining higher degrees and higher stages of prestige through his erudite scholarship. And he said' "that the conclusion of all my studies is I've become a foolish ass and there is nothing more to be said than that. I have simply studied this illusory energy and have become more and more and more ensnared in the complexities of material energy. I have wasted my valuable time with hopes of gratification, pleasure…..well what do I have to show for it? A life of frustration". So it is very easy and simple in this society to just coast along with the waves of illusion and calculate everything according to how everyone tells us life should be.

But the Vaishnav devotees of the Lord; they have a different vision. Their vision is based on faith in God. Their vision is that Krsna is perfect and complete, that Krsna is the supreme controller of all controllers, that I am his servant. Whether I am educated or uneducated does not matter .What really matters is what I do have I dedicate in the loving service of the lord. Whether one is a scholar or whether one is illiterate, from the point of view of God it makes absolutely no difference. Gaura Kishore Das Babaji never went to school in his life. He never learnt even to write his own name. But he had such complete faith in the grace of God and in the grace of Guru that he could answer anyone's questions perfectly according to the authority of the Shastras. How is it possible? It is humanly impossible .It is beyond all logic. But one who has faith in God, there is only one type of logic in their lives-that Krsna can do anything and he never abandons his devotee. That is the only logic we know. Everything else is full of the perilous inadequacies of the illusory energy.
- HH Radhanath Swami

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