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Wonderful True Pastime of Lord Narasimha Deva!

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All glories to Srila Prabhupad !
All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!!
Wonderful pastime of Narasimha Deva -(submitted by HG Shyam gopal prabhu)

Now allow me to tell a true story that happened some 10 years ago in
South-Africa. The father and the daughter who experienced this event told
this story to my friend, a sannyasi and devotee of Lord Nrisimhadev.
This stories was also found in the newspapers, and several witnesses of this
truck-accident after this incident became devotees of Lord Nrisimhadev.
This happened to a simple Vaishnav family that lives there. They had a back
then 5 years old daughter. This girl was a great `fan' of Nrisimhadev âa"
she found Him simply funny, as he looked half lion half man and felt very
attracted to Him. She often told her playmates about her favorite God, a
lion and the kids always wondered about what of God this could be a lion.
What can a five years old girl know about God, she wasn't initiated, not
even her parents, as far as I can remember. The father of the family
followed a guru and surely later accepted initiation. But there was a small
Hindu-community they were in close touch with.

So, one day the girl was playing outside with her ball together with other
kids, beside the street. The ball, how else could it be, fell on the street,
and the girl ran after her precious ball. There was nearly no traffic, a
rarely used country road. But this time a very fast truck came running down
the road. The girl in her play didn't see the truck coming.

The father was in the first floor of the house and saw his baby girl running
on the street âa" but he also saw the huge truck coming down, closer to his
daughter with huge speed. The father yelled at her, but she didn't hear him.
So he jumped out of the window of this first floor to save his daughter, and
broke both his legs, when coming down, and remained laying on the ground in

He had to watch how his little girl was hit by the truck and thrown through
the air, some 20meter away. All children and neighbors around who observed
this froze the blood. The father later said his only desire when he saw this
was to die.

From the other direction came a police car that also witnessed the accident.
The truck went on and the policeman stopped his car across the street to
stop him. The truck-driver hardly stopped his truck and he seemed to be very
drunk.The policeman immediately called the ambulance and ran over to the
motionless laying girl in the grass.The closest hospital was a small private
clinic and the ambulance came, but refused to take the girl, being afraid
they wouldn't have the necessary devices and machines to help the injuries
the girl must have. They advised the policeman to call the main hospital, as
only they could efficiently help her, as her spine must be broken, etc.
The policeman was in despair, not even knowing where the father of the girl
was. Actually he didn't even know if the girl was still alive, as he didn't
dare to touch her, not knowing how injured she was. However, in the end she
was brought to a right hospital, the policeman accompanied the girl, and
also finally the father there.

The chief-doctor heard then what has happened to the girl, and they
immediately x-rayed her to see first results. The policeman wanted to rest
assured how the girl was doing, and waited there to see the results.
Everybody was shocked to hear what terrific accident had happened to the

So the nurse brought the x-ray pictures to the doctor, who became very upset
and started yelling at the nurse she should for-God's-sake bring the right
pictures, things were about death and life. He threatened to fire her, as it
was unacceptable to make such mistakes. The nurse was scared and didn't
understand what was happening. Those were the pictures of the five year old
girl that was hit by the truck. The nurse wasn't aware yet of what had
happened to the girl.The doc said this cannot be on the x-ray there was not
a single broken bone. So, the doc all the time again and again repeated
impossible it can't be'.

Then suddenly the girl awoke from her faint and then told a story at ful
consciousness which made its tour through the media.

In the moment she picked up the ball from the street, she saw the truck
coming up to her. And the only thing she could do was to yell out for help.
She didn't call for mommy or daddy, but for her Nrisimhadev. In this moment
when the truck should hit her, she suddenly saw how Nrisimhadev picked her
up from the ground, smiled at her, and said, `don't be afraid, nothing will
happen to you'. The girl continued her story that the Lord had put her on
the other side of the street into the grass. But when putting her down, He
accidentally scratched her waist, which still hurt her a bit.

She spoke about how beautiful Nrisimhadev was, His hair, His eyes, etc. But
his claws were very sharp, He should cut themâaN he wore a golden dhotie,
etc. The doctor didn't understand anything and told the policeman she still
was in shock and hallucinated, which is normal.

So, the girl was profoundly checked for any injuries, but the only injury
they found on her body were those scratches and the doctor said this must be
from a wild animal like a lion, as he had cases like this before. So, he was
disturbed and asked if they had brought the girl to hospital as this one was
inured by a wild animal, not a truckâaN Nobody was clear what had happened.
The same doctor and the nurse who took care of her later became devotees, as
they later learned from the parent who `that lion' was.

As we can see miracle still today happen. Not only in Mahabharata, Puranas
or shastras that are more than thousands of years old. The little girl was
very attracted to this form of God, and in her despair she called Him for
help. Lord Nrisimhadev did not look if she was initiated and have the right
to call His name He protects His devotees, that sincerely worship Him in
their hearts.

I am sure this litte girl was no common soul, who knows what she did in her
previous life. The sannyasi heard that she very much liked to eat sweets,
and prepared a big plate ful of sweets for her to rest assured she will not
be able to eat it all up. He gave her the mounted plate of sweets, she took
some of the sweets and ran out playing with her friends.

As soon as she was gone of the room, the sannyasi went over that plate and
took the rest, as for him, this was the best maha-prasad available! Who last
time has met Lord Nrisimhadev? Narada Muni maybe?? The girl for sure, and
she must be a great soul.

Jai Narsimhadev!
Hari bol

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