Thursday, 24 May 2012

Six Essential Qualifications of Good Disciple

Srimad Rahasyatrayasara by Sri Vedanta Deshika

Six Essential Qualifications for a Good Disciple
1. The disciple should have the highest devotion for his guru.
2. The wise disciple spreads the good name and fame of his guru to others.
3. The good disciple takes care of the guru's property and his possessions.
4. The good disciple protects his guru's teachings with a view to transferring them to a worthy disciple of his own.
5. The good disciple is always grateful to his guru.
6. The good disciple leads a pure life untainted by wrong habits and practices. Indeed, he should have the eight virtues of the soul spoken of by the sage Gautama: Compassion, Patience, Contentment, Purity, Earnest Endeavor, Noble Thoughts, Absence of Greed, and Absence of Envy.

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