Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The All-Attractive Krsna

In the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (14.36), a devotee says:

tvat-sākṣāt-karaṇāhlāda- viśuddhābdhisthitasya me
sukhāni goṣpadāyante brāhmāṇy api jagad guro

"My Lord, O Supreme, simply by understanding You or seeing You, the pleasure which we derive is so great that the pleasure of brahmananda becomes insignificant."

In other words, the pleasure derived by understanding Krsna as He is — as the all-attractive reservoir of all pleasures and the reservoir of all pleasure-giving tastes with all transcendental qualifications — attracts one to become His devotee. By virtue of such attraction, one can give up fruitive activities and all endeavors for liberation and can even abandon the intense desire to achieve success in yoga mystic power.

Guna indicates the unlimited transcendental qualities of Krsna, primarily His sac-cid-ananda form. In His transcendental blissful knowledge and eternity, He is fully perfect, and His perfection is increased when He is controlled by the attention of His devotee. God is so kind and merciful that He can give Himself in exchange for the devotional service of the devotee. His transcendental qualities are such that the perfection of His beauty, His perfect reciprocation of love between Himself and His devotees, and the flavor of His transcendental qualities attract different kinds of transcendentalists and liberated souls.

For example, He attracted the mind of Sanaka Kumara simply by the aroma emanating from the flowers offered to Him. The mind of Sukadeva Gosvami was attracted by the transcendental pastimes of Lord Krsna, and the minds of the damsels of Vrndavana were attracted by His personal beauty. Rukmini's attention was attracted by His bodily features and transcendental qualities, and the mind of the goddess of fortune was attracted by His flute playing and other transcendental features. Lord Krsna attracts the minds of all young girls and elderly ladies of Vraja by His childlike activities. He also attracts the minds of His friends by His friendly activities. When He appeared in Vrndavana, He even attracted the birds, beasts, trees and plants. Indeed, everyone became attracted in love and affection for Krsna.

He attracts the mind of the devotee by awarding him transcendental love of Godhead. Krsna is so attractive that anyone who can remember Him in some way or another becomes freed from the four kinds of material miseries. The Lord gives special attention to His devotee and banishes the devotee's various sinful activities, which are stumbling blocks for the advancement of devotional service. This is called routing the influence of ignorance. He is so attractive that out of transcendental attachment, a devotee will abandon all four principles of spiritual life — religiosity, economic development, regulation of sense gratification and salvation.

Srila Prabhupada Purport (TLC Ch 15) 

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