Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pastimes of Lord Nityananda.

There is no incarnation more merciful than Lord Nityananda because it was by His mercy that the two sinful brothers, Jagai and Madhai were saved. Many of this town’s inhabitants were considered outcastes. Although they were untouchable by Hindu standards, Nityananda viewed all souls equally and lovingly spread Mahaprabhu’s teachings to everyone He met. A wonderful pastime is described as follows by Srila Prabhupada:

Mahaprabhu had asked Nityananda Prabhu and Haridasa Thakura to serve as His door-to-door preachers, spreading the message of love of God to every home in Navadvipa. It was at this point that Nitai and Haridasa met the two brothers Jagai and Madhai. They were the descendents of an illustrious brahmana dynasty but had abandoned the pious ways of their forefathers for a life of debauchery.

When the two emissaries of Mahaprabhu’s mercy first met them, Jagai and Madhai were in a drunken stupor, creating havoc throughout the village. Nitai felt compassion on these fallen souls and reasoned that if they could be rectified, then Mahaprabhu’s mission would become even more well received in Navadvipa. Approaching the two wayward brothers on the street, Nitai begged them to chant the holy name of Krishna and to taste the sweet nectar of Krishna consciousness. But the two villains just chased Nitai down the road, shouting profanities and calling Him foul names. Madhai threw a broken clay pot that came crashing down on Nitai’s divine head, causing Him to bleed. (Although Nitai’s body is perfectly spiritual, He manifested this pastime so that Jagai and Madhai could attain liberation.)

When Mahaprabhu heard what had happened, He became infuriated and rushed to the area Himself. How could anyone harm a gentle soul like Nitai? Summoning His divine disk-like weapon, which is flaming and radiant, Mahaprabhu was prepared to kill the two repellent brothers on the spot, forcing them to taste the wrath of God. His anger, however, was assuaged by Nitai, who reminded Him that the majority of people in this age are as fallen as Jagai and Madhai, and that it is His mission to liberate them with love, not with violence.

Hearing Nitai’s words, Mahaprabhu was willing to forgive Jagai, for he had tried to protect Nityananda Prabhu, but Madhai, who perpetuated the most evil deed of harming Nitai, needed to be forgiven by Nitai Himself. Nitai’s mercy knows no bounds, and He quickly forgave Madhai for all he had done.

When Jagai and Madhai saw the loving exchange between Mahaprabhu and Nityananda and, observed Nitai’s forgiving nature toward them, their hearts were changed. They resolved to become devotees and enthusiastic supporters of Mahaprabhu’s sankirtana mission. Seeing their sincerity, Mahaprabhu took all of their sins on His own head. For a few brief moments, His beautiful golden body turned into an unsightly blackish color. Indeed, when Yamaraja’s assistant Chitragupta tried to tally Jagai and Madhai’s collective sins, he could not do so, and he collapsed from sheer exhaustion. After the incident with Nitai, however, Jagai and Madhai set the highest standard of devotional service by constantly chanting the holy name of Krishna (at least 100,000 times daily) and instructing others in devotion to Krishna.

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