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Curing the Disease of Envy

Bhagavad Gita says that the bewildered spirit soul thinks himself to be the doer of activites but in actuallity all the activities are carried out by nature. This nature is working under Krishna’s direction. Anything material spiritual anything is being performed by Krishna alone. If we want to enjoy anything if we want to claim proprietorship over anything or if want to take credit for anything that means the most serious destructive enemy has overcome us. In this material world everyone is envious of someone else even in spiritual life.

If you have power to speak that is Krishna’s, your ability to see is property of Krishna.If you have some particular abilities or skills Krishna says I am ability in man. Your ability belongs to Krishna. Krishna says I am the intelligence of the intelligent. Your intelligence is the property of Krishna. I am the strength of the strong. Whatever strength you have to do anything, that strength is the property of Krishna. when we want to take credit for anything that is a show that we are envious of God. Because He deserves it because it’s all His.

If someone manifests more empowered qualities than we sometimes we become envious. In our heart of our hearts we are hoping that this person will fall down from spiritual platform so that people think just see he is not as good as I am.

Everyone one is thinking he was very good but when all things are said and done I am better I am the greatest. Whatever you are good at, if we are not good at something usually we are not so envious of people but if you are good at something a little then we cannot tolerate somebody else is better. This is the nature of the conditioned soul. A poor man is not so envious of some other rich man. But if a rich man if he sees somebody else richer then he becomes very envious. If see somebody else do giving more donation or doing better he think Haa.. he is motivated its all material. When I do it all transcendental .if someone can speak and treats better than us then we are thinking I cannot wait till this person can fall down. So everyone one realizes I am better. Someone can sing better someone can cook better someone can manage better we become very envious because we want be the enjoyer we want to be the proprietor of this opulence.

However we should that all belongs to Krishna. If someone is speaking nicely we should not think just see how wonderfully this person is. I want to be better. We should see Just see how wonderfully Krishna is manifesting through this person. If someone sings very nicely just think just see how wonderfully Krishna is manifesting Himself through this person. If someone is managing or cooking or doing anything very nicely dressing deities very nicely we should think just see how nicely Krishna is manifesting Himself through this person in such a wonderful way. Then we will not be envious then we will simply find great joy and inspiration in every ones devotional servce. Mamai vamso jiva loke jiva bhuta sanathanah ..every living being is a part and parcel of Krishna. If you are envious of anyone do not fool yourself that means you are simply a serpent envious of Krishna that’s all. If you admit it you can make some spiritual advancement. If you don’t admit it, you simply suffer your owm venom birth after birth after birth. Whatever the qualities we are envious of they are manifesting through Krishna they are manifesting by Krishna through this person. When we are envious of Krishna we are potentially envious of every part if Him.

We come to this world because we want to be the proprietor and enjoyer. And this is the problems with the religions today. Most religions are teaching you worship God you approach God. you will have better material life. You will get more respectability you will get more proprietorship over land through economic development you will get more sense gratification another you will be simply more envious of God you will be able to fulfill you envious positions. that s all .in the name of religion. They are simply asking to provide the
resources by we can continue our envy towards him. Take the glory that belongs to Him, take the property that belongs to Him. Enjoy the facilities that belong to Him .therefore SrimadBhagavatham from the very beginning kicks of this kaitava dharma cheating religion.

The Bhagavatam explains that only thing that extinguishes envy which is the basic root all disease is sincerely chanting and hearing the glories of the lord. How is this possible, because when we hear and chant the glories of the supreme personality od godhead, we are directly associating with him. In the beginning due to the disease of envy which is like Jaundice, hearing and chanting the glories of the lord is sometimes very bitter, distasteful. Sit home and read the scriptures, com e to the bhagwatam class, come to the Gita class, come to the pravachan, I’ll rather go to the cinema, rather watch the TV rather read some novel, I will rather talk prajalpa, talk nonsense with my friends, its boring to sit down and listen, that’s because of our disease, the disease of envy. Rather than to give Krsna enjoyment we want to enjoy, but if we continually hear and chant the glories of the lord in proper association. Then gradually little by little by little this envy will be removed.

Nashta prayeshu abhadreshu Nityam bhagwat sewaya
Bhagwati uttama sloke bhaktir bhawati naishtiki


Bhagavatam explains that by regularly hearing Srimad Bhagavatam from the person Bhagavatam not by the person who is teaching the conclusion of arth kaam moksha but one who is teaching the real essence from the parampara - pure devotional service. If we hear from such a person and render service to such a person all inauspicious things from our heart are cleansed.

- HH Radhanath Swami :: Srimad Bhagavatam Lecture (9.11.23)

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