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Satisfaction of Krishna is Top Priority

Tamala Krsna: Five: "All men are forced to act helplessly according to the impulses born of the modes of material nature. Therefore nobody can refrain from doing something, not even for a moment [Bg. 3.5]."
Prabhupada: Yes. They say... We saw one signboard in a yoga society in Los Angeles that "You become silent, and you'll become God." (laughs) And here Krsna says that you cannot become silent even for a moment. You see? These things are going on.

Practically that is real silence. If you simply engage yourself in activities of Krsna consciousness, then automatically your activities in maya become silent. Just like the same example I have given. Here is a glass. If you want to fill up with milk, the water will go automatically. You have to throw away the water. You cannot put the water and the milk at the same time in this glass. Similarly, if you become active in Krsna consciousness, you automatically become silent in material activities. Without any separate endeavor. It is so nice. And if you try artificially to stop, to become silent from material activities, it will not be possible. You may meditate for fifteen minutes or for fifteen hundred minutes or fifteen thousand years, it will not be possible. The mind is very strong. Mind's business is to accept and reject, accept and reject. You accept something, you reject something.

Better thing is that we accept something Krsna conscious under the direction of disciplic succession. That is your, should be, the aim of life, and you are successful. You have to accept something. Simply by rejecting, it will not help you. But you have to accept something. That acceptance is Krsna consciousness. Simply negation will not help you. You must have some positive engagement.

Sometimes it is thought that spiritual life means to retire from active life. That is general impression. People think that for cultivation of spiritual knowledge or self-realization they should go to some Himalayan caves or some secluded place. That is also recommended. But that sort of recommendation is meant for persons who are unable to engage themselves in activities of Krsna consciousness. Lord Krsna is teaching Arjuna how one can remain in his position. Never mind whatever he is, still he can become perfectly in Krsna consciousness. That is the whole substance of the teachings of Lord Krsna.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu also. He never asked anybody to change his position. He simply recommended that you associate with pure devotees and hear from him. That's all. General people understand that retiring from ordinary duties, one becomes spiritually advanced. That is being taught here. It is not like that. Krsna taught to the whole world that Arjuna was a soldier, he was a fighter, and in his fighting also he can be Krsna conscious. It is not that he has to cease from fighting and then become Krsna conscious. No. There is no such question. There is no rejection of anything, but dovetailing everything. That is the process. Do everything, but in Krsna consciousness. If you are a fighter, fight, but for Krsna. If you are a businessman, all right. Do business for Krsna. If you are something else, do that, but for Krsna. This is wanted. This is called Krsna consciousness. To dovetail everything with Krsna.

Nirbandhah krsna-sambandhe yuktam vairagyam ucyate. Yuktam vairagya, real renunciation, is to dovetail everything for Krsna. That is renunciation. Not renunciation that "I earn whole time millions of dollars and distribute among my children and are all engaged in some other way, and I become Krsna conscious in a secluded place." No. You can begin Krsna consciousness from the very beginning. Earn for Krsna, spend for Krsna, think for Krsna, work for Krsna. That is Krsna consciousness. Fight for Krsna. Nothing to be rejected. Everything to be dovetailed with Krsna. That is Krsna consciousness.

Srila Prabhupada Lecture :: 1968/12/12 Los Angeles, Bhagavad gita 3.1-5

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