Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Gift of Bhakti!

Bhakti involves becoming free from the attachments of this material world and becoming attached instead to Krishna. Our suffering is due to our attachment. Because we are materially attached, we desire so many material things, and therefore Krishna gives us the opportunity to enjoy whatever material facilities we want.

Krishna can give us whatever we want, even mukti, liberation, but bhakti is a special consideration because when He gives someone bhakti He becomes purchased by the bhakta and becomes a tool in the hands of the bhakta, even though He is the supreme powerful.

Radharani, the symbol of the topmost bhakti, is so powerful that She has purchased Krishna. Therefore Vaisnavas take shelter of the lotus feet of Radharani, for if She recommends, "Oh, here is a nice devotee," Krishna must accept him.

But how can one develop attachment for the Lord and awaken the soul's dormant devotion?
"Simply by associating with the pure devotees who love the Lord along with hearing & chanting the glories of the Lord, one can develop attachment for Krishna."

(Srila Prabhupada - Teachings of Queen Kunti)

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