Thursday, 25 August 2011

Freedom from Anxiety

Unless we take shelter under the lotus feet of Krsna, Hari, so long we shall be full of anxiety. This Krsna consciousness movement is trying to bring everyone under the shelter of the lotus feet of Krsna, so that they may become free from all anxieties. This is the Krsna consciousness movement. Otherwise, unless one comes under the shelter of Krsna, he cannot be free of anxiety.

The idea is that one has not only to understand little about God, but one has to live in God. Then his life will be successful. Not that "Yes, God is great, and I go weekly in the church or in the temple. I offer my respect." No, that will not make you liberated. You have to be very serious to understand your relationship with God and go back to Godhead. Then your life will be successful, not that simply by understanding little. No. That is the same position. One has to make his life tranquil. How this is possible? By this Krsna consciousness. Otherwise, it is not possible. We have to disinfect us, counteract all result of sinful activities.

Therefore, any way you, either way you go, if you become Krsna conscious, simply come to this understanding that Krsna is everything, and "By serving Krsna, all my objective, all my perfection is there" -- this conviction makes you perfect. And this is real, this is reality. There is no imposition. It is reality. Simply one has to understand. The same thing is expressed here by Narada, urukramasya. Who is urukrama? Wonderful actor. The wonderful actor is Krsna, Urukrama. So Narada Muni says, "Although you have mentioned in other puranas or in itihasa, Mahabharata, about Krsna, some of the activities of Krsna..." Narada Muni says that "Be situated in Krsna. You write something, simply Krsna's activities." Akhila "Then you'll be liberated, and those who will stick to this principle, they'll be liberated."

Rupa Gosvami has described: sinful activities are done due to ignorance, ajnana. Just like a child touches the fire. Everyone knows if you touch fire, it will burn, but the child, out of ignorance, touches. Therefore the child is under the protection of the parents so that the child may not do something wrong and suffer. The father wants
us to do something else, but we want to do something else against the wish of the father. Similarly, Krsna wants that everyone of us should surrender unto Him and work according to His direction, but we want to do against His will. Therefore we create our own fortune and misfortune. That is the way.


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