Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Krsna Conscious devotees are perfect Yogis!

The practice of Krsna Consciousness is the only penance which is possible to be performed in this age of Kali when usually people are short lived, slow in self realization and are filled with numerous material anxieties. The whole idea of meditation and yoga is to actually concentrate on the Supreme which will in turn help us to attain His favour.

Yoga does not mean going to some class, paying some money, engaging in gymnastics and then returning home to drink, smoke and engage in sex. If we want to indulge in proper meditation, we should follow the conditions that Lord Krsna has set forth for us to follow. What are those conditions?

BG 6.11-12: To practice yoga, one should go to a secluded place and should lay kusa grass on the ground and then cover it with a deerskin and a soft cloth. The seat should be neither too high nor too low and should be situated in a sacred place. The yogi should then sit on it very firmly and practice yoga to purify the heart by controlling his mind, senses and activities and fixing the mind on one point.
BG 6.13-14: One should hold one's body, neck and head erect in a straight line and stare steadily at the tip of the nose. Thus, with an unagitated, subdued mind, devoid of fear, completely free from sex life, one should meditate upon Me within the heart and make Me the ultimate goal of life.

How many of us can actually perform Yoga as per these conditions in this age of Kali? This penance and austerity recommended should be performed the way Lord Krsna has asked us to do, but how many of us can actually undertake it? It is not possible which even Sri Arjuna admits. Arjuna was a householder and engaged in all kinds of fruitive activity, so how could he perform it. Moreover, Arjuna says that the mind is even more difficult to control than the wind.

In this Krsna Conscious movement, we are meditating directly on Sri Krsna. The temple is considered a sacred place because the temple is nirguna--transcendental. God's temple is above passion and goodness and therefore it is the only secluded place for this age. This Krsna Consciousness is a process of practical meditation by concentrating their minds on Krsna, regardless of their current position. One may be digging in the garden but he is always thinking that "I am cultivating beautiful roses to offer to Krishna" or one may be cooking and he must be thinking " I am preparing palatable food to be offered to Krishna" or one may be going shopping thinking “I am shopping for foodstuff to offer to Krsna”. Similarly chanting and dancing while Kirtan is also meditating on Krsna.

Thus the members of Krsna Consciousness are perfect "Yogis" because they are meditating on Krsna twenty four hours a day. This is the perfect yoga system and not according to our personal whims but according to the authority of Bhagavad Gita. Krsna says "meditate upon Me within the heart and make Me the ultimate goal of life" --- This is exactly what the members of Krsna Consciousness do.

Srila Prabhupada ki Jay! 

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