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Krishna Loves His Devotees

Mukti is the aim of all sampradayas but the aim of Gaudiya Vaisanava Sampradaya is to develop Krishna Prem.

90% of population goes behind Nirakar Brahman and Nirvishesh brahmajyoti (formless aspect of the Absolute Truth without any attributes/qualities) so what grace will that Absolute Truth bestow who has no guna (qualities)?

Therefore Lord Krishna says:
kleśo 'dhikataras teṣām
dehavadbhir avāpyate

For those whose minds are attached to the unmanifested, impersonal feature of the Supreme, advancement is very troublesome. To make progress in that discipline is always difficult for those who are embodied. (BG 12.5)

The rest  9 % follow the Paramatma who is the upadrastra (overseer) and anumanta (gives permission). The rest 1% go behind Bhagavan. They are the Vaisnavas.

The Dharma of jiva is to serve. For instance the dharma of fire is to give heat and light. Dharma of Krishna is running around for the devotees and He enjoys doing. Krishna is the exclusive property of the devotees and He who says that I am not a devotee of Krishna, but a devotee of the devotee of Krishna is the most dearest to the Lord. (Aham Bhakta Paradhino)

Those who have surrendered to Krishna, Krishna takes care of them fully. For example, when Pandavas used to sleep, Lord Krishna used to stay awake for their protection.

 Some relevant verses quoted to cite Lord Krishna’s Bhaktavatsalta:

1.       Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.4

ye prāyaśo 'jita jito 'py asi tais tri-lokyām
Those who, even while remaining situated in their established social positions, throw away the process of speculative knowledge and with their body, words and mind offer all respects to descriptions of Your personality and activities, dedicating their lives to these narrations, which are vibrated by You personally and by Your pure devotees, certainly conquer Your Lordship, although You are otherwise unconquerable by anyone within the three worlds.

2. Srimad Bhagavatam 11.14.15

na ca sańkarṣaṇo na śrīr
naivātmā ca yathā bhavān
My dear Uddhava, neither Lord Brahmā, Lord Śiva, Lord Sańkarṣaṇa, the goddess of fortune nor indeed My own self are as dear to Me as you are.
This shows how much Krishna is sold to His devotees.

3.       Srimad Bhagavatam 11.14.16
anuvrajāmy ahaḿ nityaḿ

“With the dust of My devotees' lotus feet I desire to purify the material worlds, which are situated within Me. Thus, I always follow the footsteps of My pure devotees, who are free from all personal desire, rapt in thought of My pastimes, peaceful, without any feelings of enmity, and of equal disposition everywhere.”

When devotees walk, the Lord walks in front of them for protecting them. When they sleep, the Lord is awake. The devotees are the dearest to Krishna. If anyone however does offenses of the devotees, Lord Krishna cuts off their tongue. The devotees never surrender to demigods knowing well that the demigods take from Krishna and then give it to us.

- Notes from a class on Bhakta-vatsala Krishna by HG Kratu Prabhu

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