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Three Types of Happiness & Having a desire to serve Krishna

Three types of Happiness

Mode of Goodness, Passion and Ignorance.

Happiness in the mode of Goodness :- Beginning like poison and like nectar in the end and wakes one to self-realization.
- There are many activities which appear like poison in the beginning. One may ask is it something like a child who restricts his playtime because he wants to study and then gets good grades. Is this happiness in goodness? - NO. Krishna explains, this must wake one up to self-realization.
- Vedas means knowledge. We all operate under the influence that knowledge is only found in schools and colleges and vedas is for religious knowledge. But Vedas is real knowledge. One should cultivate spiritual and material knowledge together.
- Sadly, education has become one of most successful commercial businesses. We may decorate and ornament a cage but if we don't feed the bird inside the cage, what good will the bird do living in a good environment?
- kamasya nendriya pritir: We should not utilize the body like cats and dogs.
- Hearing about the instructions might be painful when one is asked to sacrifice the object of senses, but when one uses his intelligence and gets the higher taste, he is benefitted.

Happiness in the mode of Passion: Derived from contact of senses with sense objects and is like nectar in beginning and posion in the end. - If we analyze the process of sense enjoyment which people are promoting actively, we will see that we are painful.
- Everyone is worried of Cancer, AIDS. These diseases are a result of sinful life.
- So, today 99.9% of the population is interested in pursuing happiness in mode of passion. Just like instant tea, coffee. Just for this instant sense gratification, we indulge in unlimited sense enjoyment.
- When we run after wealth, we engage in any activities.

Happiness in mode of Ignorance: That happiness which is blind to self realization, all illusion and is due to sleep and ignorance.
- In Kali-yuga people are spiritually lazy and very few are awake to self-realization.
- There is no understanding to God and no desire to even understand.

So, why is Krishna explaining all this?
So that we can be educated and can make the decision.

If Krsna wants us to surrender to Him, how do we develop that love and devotion?
Rupa Goswami explains that:
- One must have a desire to establish a relation with Krsna and serve Him. When Krsna understands this desire, then Krsna will arrange a situation where you come in contact with a Sadhu & with Prabhupada's books. Then we will recieve knowledge. As a result of chanting, bhajana-kriya, the result is that the unlimited material desires that were stopping us to come to Krsna get eliminated. Just like if we take a medicine, it cures us of the germs in the body. We should never forget that the Supreme Lord is very unhappy when He sees that His parts and parcels are trying to be happy without Him.

- Service to the Lord starts with chanting His names & cleanses the heart and it is an ancient system of self-realization.
- Jump at the opportunity of becoming spiritually happy. Chant Hare Krsna, read Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam and associate with devotees. Follow this simple philospohy and there is nothing to lose but only to gain.

- Notes from a lecture by HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj

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