Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Vrindavan - An Ocean of Mercy

Vrindavan - The Spiritual Abode

Vrindavan the Holy Dhaam is the life and soul of all those who have priceless love for Sri Radhe Shyam in the deepest of their heart. Actually everyone is a lover of the Lordships but covered by ignorance, we try to find that love from material people who are themselves looking for the same love. An empty glass can never fulfill one's thirst. Similarly, an empty soul deprived of love for the Lord can never give love to another.

To fulfill the emptiness of the Soul, one has to visit the Holy Dhaam. Vrindavan is not only a pilgrimage place to counteract the sins but the direct abode of the Lord which is there in the spiritual world. It awards bhakti which is the highest treasure of the soul. Every step there is a dance and every word is a song. Only thing needed are the eyes imbued with loving devotion to experience the unlimited bliss there. That loving devotion is awakened by chanting the Holy Name. When a soul chants the Holy Name, with sincerity and surrender, everything covered becomes clear as crystal and the reciprocation of the Lord and His energy comes in the shape of ever-increasing bliss and fulfillment and we want to chant more, more and more and never stop.

Sri Radhe written on trees, every vraja-vasi glorifying and singing the pastimes of the Lord - what great souls they are to have taken birth in such a magical land and chanting the Lord's names every minute and second.

(Lord Damodar in Vrindavan Dhaam)

When one visits the temples there, one can see the Lord. Although with material eyes, but the divinity of the Lord enters the heart and reaches the soul which gives rise to pure happiness we are all looking for. Some realize the happiness and some don't, but actually they are happy. When we chant the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra with devotees, an ocean of ecstacy sweeps in and takes away all worries, anxietites and incompleteness each one faces due to material association and separation from the Lord.

That is just a drop from the ocean of spiritual ecstacy. What would it be like when one dives completely into that ocean of spiritual bliss?

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  1. It's all relative divine bliss!