Monday, 28 November 2011

Maya seen as Krishna's smile!

"... It's easier to renounce what you have never tasted. Once you are habituated to intoxication, gambling, illicit sex or meat-eating, or whatever, it is very difficult to give it up. Habits are hard to break. The urge for sense enjoyment is the very cause of our conditioning. We forget that pur real enjoyment is in serving Krishna and in being enjoyed by Him. In ignorance, we become addicted to so many undesirable things.

But even addicted, you reach a point where you see that there's no happiness in sense gratification. Frustrated by maya, you turn to Krishna. But that is nota desirable road. Best is to never forget Krishna for a moment.

However, Miss Maya is so strong. When she sees you trying to become Krsna Conscious, she will knock you down. She is so strong and we are so weak. Like fire and butter. We should never think that we are stronger than Maya. We have only one recourse - Hare Krishna. When Mayadevi attacks, we must cry, 'Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, please save me.' Since only Krishna is stronger than Maya, only Krishna can protect us. When the pure devotee conquers Krishna through love, then Mayadevi stands before the devotee and says, 'How may I serve you?' Only then does maya cease to be a foe. Only then is Maya seen as Krishna's smile..."

- Srila Prabhupada in a conversation with Disciples
(Hare Krishna Explosion Chapter 9: Mad after Krishna)

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