Thursday, 24 November 2011

“O Lord of the Universe, kindly be visible unto me”

This is Lord Krishna as He is worhsipped in the great temple of Jagannath puri, Orissa. There He resides with His sister Subhadra and brother Balarama.

One kIng Indradyumna of Puri, had commissioned Vishvakarma, the master sculptor who worked for the demigods, to carve him statues of Lord Krishna, His brother Balarama and sister Subhadra. Vishvakarma agreed on one condition: that he would be allowed to complete his work in seclusion. No was to look at the deities before They were completed; if They were seen before completion, he would quit work altogether.

When the king agreed, the sculptor began his work behind closed doors. Months passes, years passed but Vishvakarma did not finish the work. Finally, after waiting for son long, the King one day burst into Vishvakarma’s room and as per Vishvakarma’s word, He vanished immediately, leaving three uncompleted statues in the center of the room. Although unfinished, the statues were so esteemed by the King that he has Them placed in the temple and worshipped them opulently.

Every year the Lord leaves the temple for the beach and in Jagannath Puri there is a great procession. When Lord Chaitanya first walked into the temple and saw Lord Jagannath, He said, ‘O here is Krishna.’ and feel down in a trance of ecstacy and did not come out for days.’

Lord Jagannath has special benefits: His compassion extends even to those addicted to bar and brothel, and His worship does not entail all the elaborate strictures of Deity worship.

Prabhupada teaches us a new mantra especially for Lord Jagannath:
Jagannath swamin nayana patha gami bhavatume – “Lord of the Universe, kindly be visible unto me”

 - Srila Prabhupada to disciples
(Hare Krishna Explosion Chapter 8: Flowers for Lord Jagannath)

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