Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Do you have any Desires?

Devotional service has 3 stages:

Sadhana bhakti - Devotional Service in Practice
Bhava bhakti - Devotional Service in Ecstacy
Prema bhakti - Loving Devotional Service (this is Pure Devotional Service). Rendering service to Krishna, simply out of love for Him.

Bhakti is pure but it depends on the execution of the devotee. As long as there are other desires, it is not pure. The question is whether we are executing pure devotional service or mixed devotional service. Pure devotional service is rendered by the pure spirit soul and body is the medium. In our conditioned stage, we become entrapped because we are identifying ourselves with the body and mind, since our identity is with the gross and subtle body, but a time will come when we transcend the gross and subtle body. Then the body wil also become spiritual. A pure devotee's body is also pure. Prabhupada gives the example of iron and fire. When iron becomes red hot it is also like fire. A pure devotee's body although made up of matter, but  becuase of being in contact with the spirit, the body is spiritual. 

Question by a Devotee: How much minimum spiritual service does a jiva have to perform to guarantee a human body in next life or to get transferred back to Krishna? How do we understand ourselves?

Answer by HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj: Just continue service with all sincerity. What really matters is no other desire, but to please Krishna. With that attitude serve Krishna and then Krishna will not only be pleased but will be indebted and He will think - This devotee has done so much for me, how will I be able to repay his debt. Krishna becomes indebted when we render service without personal motovation. Personal motivation means that we render service to Krishna but back of the mind we have personal motives. Eg. We render service to get position. So, we cannot hide our intentions from Krishna. What is required is anyabhilasita sunyam - free from any other desire besides serving Krishna. When we render service with that attitude, no matter how insignificant that service will be, Krishna will reciprocate and He will decide that whether to give you a human body in the next life if your devotional process is incomplete or if you have pleased Krishna, then He may call you back home and may give a spiritual body. So, Test yourself - do you have any desires?

Question from Devotee: What is neophyte Stage?

Answer from HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj: Neophyte stage is serving Krishna in order to become free from misery which means desire from liberation but pure devotional service is even free from desire for liberation. One characteristic of pure devotional service is moksa-laghutakrt which means even liberation becomes very insignificant.

- From HH Bhakti Charu Swami Lectures :: 2009

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