Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How to Love Krishna?

Question by Devotee:  When we talk of love, we need a person who we can see, touch, talk and get responses but we cannot see Krishna, cannot touch Him or get any reciprocation, so how to love Krishna?

Answer by HH Bhakti Caru Swami Maharaj: There are two terms : Sense Gratification and Spiritual Reciprocation.
Sense gratification - I can touch, see, talk but all that is centered around sense perception but beyond that is the consciousness. Our consciousness now in the conditioned stage is flowing through the body and so sense perception bceomes important. But beyond sense perception is the spiritual reality. I can talk to somebody, touch somebody - yes you can also have that same relationship with Krishna but you have to follow the spiritual process. Spiritual life is absolute reality. Krishna is real but we have lost the ability to realize him. Just like a blind man cannot see the sun, but that doesnt affect the sun. It is the blind's man fault that he cannot see the sun and there is a cure for the disease. When the blindness is cured then he can see the sun and along with will come all kinds of enjoyment.

Question by Devotee: Is it wrong to pray for well-being of parents, relatives and everyone as this might be considered as having a desire?

Answer by HH BHakti Charu Swami Maharaj: There is nothing wrong because just like Krishna is grateful, a devotee is also grateful. Just like Dhruva Maharaj, when he was going back to Vaikuntha, he asked about his mother who laid him on this path and felt how can he go without his mother and then he was pointed out that his mother is already going in another chariot. Eevn Prahlada Maharaj told Lord Narsinghadeva to bless His father although he was a demon. So, a devotee prays for the well-being everybody. For eg, Vasudeva Datta prayed to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to take everybody's sins on Himslef and he wanted that everybody should go back to Krishna.


  1. very nice, but how can kids understand this

  2. Hare Krshna, I am a sinner all throughout my life &by the lords grace have been able to come out of a lot of addictions.I am completely at the mercy of the god and am extremely grateful to him for his kindest as i stand at a point in my life where i can say that i have seen enough and suffered and enjoyed both in ignorance,but want to see the world through the lords eyes and live a very peaceful life for all around .i am very grateful to the lord for showing me the reason to live a life of dharm.I know that he knows all our desires and wishes, but with the track record i have i feel insecure and scared that this dream can come to an abrupt end and how i will react will test my spiritual growth over the last 1.5 yrs.will krshna be merciful enough to make this phase of a little devotion last a little longer even if we fall down a bit,.Hare Krshna