Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Real Object of Love - Krishna!

In this material nature, people don't know what love is and who is the real object of Love. The real object of love is krishna and until the love is not reposited to Krishna, the heart is not satisfied and when we offer to Krishna, the heart is satisfied. Despite material civilization, people are not happy becuase they miss on the main point - who to love? they want to love somebody and want to be loved but all that ends in frustration because we don't know who to love!

Bhakti means love for Krishna, the Supreme Personailty of Godhead. Krishna consciousness is not a sentiment but is a science. What goes on in the name of religion now-a-days is blind faith without any logiocal explanation. Eg, people think I am Christian,Hindu because I am born in such a family and in most cases they are not open to any other idea. That is the problem with faith - I believe in it no matter what it is but Krishna Consciousness is not a faith but it is a science. Faith changes easily but science is verifiable, applicable at all times and is not a concoted idea but deals with facts. This Krishna Consciousness is not a faith only but a science which gives a scientific understanding of the spiritual reality.

So, Prabhupada is appealing to such confused men to learn the art of devotion through the nectar of devotion. We sould not reject anything, but simply accept Krishna as the object of love. Whatever you may be, you don't have to change your position but simply bring Krishna in your life and offer your love to Him.

- HH Bhakti Charu Swami :: 2009 Lecture

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