Saturday, 25 February 2012

Deity of Hari-Nama

Death is as sure as Death.

Therefore fall at the Lotus Feet of the Lord begging for always remaining in the divine nectar of the Holy Name as the Holy Name is non-different from Krishna. If we ask the Lord for material benedictions like wealth, beauty, power, knowledge, followers, opulence - out of His kindness He will fulfill all our desires but what good will it do for us? Can it save us from the clutches of death which is approaching us with every passing second? Can it wake us up to our true glory as spirit souls who are eternally servants of God? Can it help us experience the pleasure obtained by engaging in devotional service to the Lord? These desires can surely help us to forget the Lord and get more entangled in our own complexities.

It is repeated again and again in the scriptures that even the highest amount of charity, sacred baths, renunciation, sacrifices are not even one-hundreth of the merit one gets by chanting Hare Krishna. This merit does not refer to any ordinary pious merit achieved by performing any material activity but this merit refers to awakening of the already existing pure love of Krishna which is deep rooted in our heart and overcoming the illusory state of consciousness in which we are accustomed to only think of 'I and Mine' as the all in all reality, which is the sole cause of our suffering.

So, let's try to awaken that pure love already existing in our heart by sincerely worshiping the deity of Hari-Nama. Chant Hare Krishna and discover real happiness in the company of the Lord. 

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