Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mayapur Maha Kirtan Mela 2012

Once, in a holy place in the forest of Naimisāranya, great sages headed by the sage Śaunaka assembled to perform a great thousand-year sacrifice for the satisfaction of the Lord and His devotees.

The great sages are always anxious to do good to the people in general, and as such the sages headed by Śaunaka and others assembled at this holy place of Naimisāranya with a program of performing a great and continuous chain of sacrificial ceremonies. Forgetful men do not know the right path for peace and prosperity. However, the sages know it well, and therefore for the good of all men they are always anxious to perform acts which may bring about peace in the world. They are sincere friends to all living entities, and at the risk of great personal inconvenience they are always engaged in the service of the Lord for the good of all people... ... In this age, the congregational chanting of the holy names of the Lord is the prescribed method for waking up. The ways and means are most scientifically presented by Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, and intelligent persons may take advantage of His teachings in order to bring about real peace and prosperity.  - SB1.1.4-purport

What is Kirtan Mela?

It became our desire that Mayapur, being the center of the Sankirtan movement, its birth place, should host such a mela not merely once but yearly around Gaura Purnima time. Due to your interest and ultimately the well wishes of guru and sadhus, such a mela has been scheduled for Feb 22-25 2012.
What happens at a Kirtan mela?

Special arrangements are made to facilitate the blossoming of our latent attachment to the chanting of the holy name. We are dealing with the most powerful weapon against illusion. This time the mela is taking place in holy Mayapur wherein all spiritual activities are enhanced thousands of times. Expect miracles. Participation is a must for attainment of the desired goal.
  • Special setting with the kirtaniyas, not conducive to performance but sharing in the bliss of chanting the holy name
  • Special Bhagavatam class focusing on the holy name (8-9am) 
  • 12 hrs a day prayerful kirtan from Feb. 22-25  2012 (10am to 10pm) 
  • 24 hr prayerful kirtan on February 25th (to be confirmed)
  • Participants are encouraged to chant for 8 hours a day minimum 
  • Kirtanyas are encouraged to speak a few realized words on the holy name before starting to sing. In this way they are not only expected to lead us in chanting but also in our realizations and spiritual growth. 
  • Continual serving of prasad to avoid kirtans interruptions.
Maha Harinam Yajna, Kirtan Mela ki jaya!

Hare Krishna maha mantra, yuga dharma ki jaya!
Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Samkirtanam!

Live Telecast on www.mayapur.tv

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